Best 2022 Nigerian celebrities latest dinner gown styles

The best 2022 Nigerian Celebrities Latest Dinner Gown Styles

Recently, have you wondered what type of dinner gown you want to rock to a party or date? Look no further, as we check out the best 2022 Nigerian celebrities’ latest dinner gown styles. Furthermore, an important detail to consider while choosing a dinner gown style is by picking the right colour combination and design that perfectly suits your skin complexion.

Ankara Dinner Gown Styles

Consequently, a lot of Ankara dinner gown styles have been centred around gathers, frills, ruches, layers and asymmetric hemlines, and free-cut designs such as the maxi and midi Ankara dinner gown style. Our very own African prints have always stood out when it comes to rocking dinner gowns, and the fashion world generally.

With diverse prints, such as floral and animal prints, as well as flounces, you can explore a lot of designs, patterns, and colours. An important detail to consider while choosing an Ankara dinner gown style is picking a particular Ankara colour combination and design that perfectly suits your skin complexion and body shape.

2022 Nigerian Celebrities’ Ankara dinner gown styles can be categorized into short and long Ankara dinner gown styles.

2022 Nigerian Celebrities' Latest Dinner Gown Styles

Long Ankara Dinner Gown Styles

Evidently, long Ankara dinner gown styles are cool because they can either be made into simple or extravagant gowns. Also, rocking the gown coupled with beautiful makeup and heels is a sight to behold. In addition to the power of this dinner gown, this dinner gown style on a lady will leave any man giving thanks to God of creation. Below is an example of a long dinner gown style.

beautiful ankara nigerian celebrities dinner gown styles

Peplum Ankara Dinner Gown Styles

Alternatively, the Peplum Ankara dinner gown style can either be broken into tops/blouses and skirts or made together as a full dress. This particular style is common among Nigerian women. For example, if broken the skirts are worn fitted, hugging the woman’s curves and giving this hourglass shape. 

Peplum ankara

Mermaid Ankara dinner gown styles

If you are a beautiful woman who loves to show off God’s work on your body, I highly recommend this Ankara dinner gown style. This body-hugging dress draws inspiration from the body shape of a mermaid. Also, a mermaid Ankara dinner gown style can come with asymmetrical layers flowing down the knees downwards, with the hemline touching or sweeping the floor.

Mermaid Ankara dinner gown styles

Slit Ankara dinner gown styles

Uniquely, applying a slit that cuts through the front of the dress, is another latest Ankara dinner gown styles. This particular style gives this extra sexy, confident, and breathtaking look when worn with the right accessories, bag, and heels.

Also, it alludes to sexiness and confidence when rocked to any event, especially for women with clear and glowing skin and legs.

Slit Ankara

Ankara and Lace Dinner Gown Combo

Undoubtedly, this dinner gown style is so gorgeous because it involves two distinct fabrics. Imagine rocking a green fabric laced over a black lace material or black ruffles lined on the hem of a blue fabric. You can try this out when visiting your tailor, next week. 

Beautiful dinner gown

Short Ankara dinner gown styles

Presently, short Ankara dinner gown styles such as simple layered Ankara gowns, shift Ankara gowns and body-con Ankara gowns are trending and effortlessly getting attention now. From simple layered Ankara gowns to shift Ankara gowns and body-con Ankara gowns, you have a lot of options when visiting your tailor or fashion designer to make that amazing short Ankara gown style for you.

Short Ankara dinner gown styles

Short Lace Dinner Gown Styles

Generally, this is for any lady who wants to catch everyone’s attention or feel sexy like the beautiful Nigerian woman that you are.

A short lace dinner gown can be styled as a fitted gown hugging those sumptuous curves or a flared gown depending on what you like. A short lace dinner gown style is one style that I will recommend for any lady, who wants to literally get the award for overall best in looking sexy, and confident. Coupled with the right accessories, bag, heels, makeup, nails, and hair, you will be a walking diamond, shining so bright. 

Best 2022 Nigerian celebrities latest dinner gown styles

Long Lace Dinner Gown Styles

Similarly, you can rock the long lace dinner gown to that event, date, or occasion. Another type of dinner gown, you can rock to that event, date, or occasion is the long lace dinner gown.

Also, this style can come with different types of floor-length flares. Hence, giving you this royal, glamorous Cinderella look. You can as well attach a long transparent sleeve or corset to your lace gown to give it more suave while rocking a matching pair of heels and bag.

Best 2022 Nigerian celebrities latest dinner gown styles

Silk Dinner Gown styles

Then, using a silk fabric to make both short and long dinner gowns is a great choice because silk has this shining and smooth texture, therefore, enhancing your beautiful look while rocking it. You can choose to add a peplum to the sleeve of your silk gown for an extra attractive look. 

2022 Nigerian celebrities latest dinner gown styles

Sequin Dinner Gown Styles

Consequently, a sequin gown alongside glittery beads or stones is a must-have for every woman who wants to stand out. You can use it to style either a long or short dinner gown. If you want to steal the attention of everyone at that glamorous event, then here are some sequin dinner gown styles you can explore.

Best 2022 Nigerian celebrities latest dinner gown styles

Satin Dinner Gown Styles

Lastly, a satin dinner gown is another style you can use to sew your dinner gown. Also, you can choose to attach it to your lace gown as a sleeve, or rock as a corset gown on its own.

Best 2022 Nigerian celebrities latest dinner gown styles


Finally, picking the right dinner gown is a must, if you want to have that beautiful and ravishing look.

Most importantly, a beautiful lady should always go for a classy, glamorous dinner gown if she wants to completely stand out, wherever she steps her feet from her apartment. In conclusion, this article focuses on 2022 best latest dinner gown styles.  Please tell me want you think about this article in the comment box below.

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