How to spray cologne

Do You Know How To Spray Cologne? Find Out Here

As a gentleman, one essential detail you need to pay attention to is your cologne. It should be a part of your style to make you look more appealing and boost your confidence. However, you need to know how to spray cologne because it shouldn’t just be something you do in a hurry before you step out of your home.

Chances are you have been spraying your cologne the wrong way, yup! It matters. 

Inasmuch as your cologne should be your signature scent and suit your style and personality, It is essential to know spraying it the right way is key.

How to Spray Cologne

There is a proper way to spray cologne to give that subtle fragrance within your space. Over-spraying a cologne is one mistake you want to avoid.

Below are steps on how to spray cologne:

After Shower

The best time to spray cologne is just after you have had a shower, this cannot be over-emphasized. Your skin needs to be clean and your pores open, this will help your skin absorb the cologne better. You should moisturize your skin after you dry it to make your cologne last longer. 

How to spray cologne


Spray on your Pulse Points

When it comes to spraying cologne, you should focus on your pulse points because they are the warm parts of your body where blood flows. When you spray your pulse points, your cologne will smell better it helps mix with your natural scents. 

This is another reason why you should freshen up before you use a cologne. You don’t want to know how awful cologne smells when mixed with sweat and body odour.

How to spray Cologne

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How to Spray Cologne Inches Away

When spraying a cologne avoid spraying it directly on your skin, this will make the fragrance too strong. Hold the bottle high up to about 3-6 inches away from your skin and squirt lightly.

How to spray cologne

Do not Over Spray

As long as spraying a cologne is concerned, Less is more! That tiny voice telling you one more squirt, do not listen to it. Too much cologne can be a turnoff and won’t be appealing, people would rather twitch their noses and stay away than get close to you. One or two squirts are enough, as you would reapply at intervals.


No matter the concentration of your fragrance, it can slowly fade throughout the day. You will need to throw in a little cologne bottle as you step out so you can spritz lightly at intervals to smell fresh all day. Keep in mind, other people might still be able to smell your cologne, so you should keep it light if you have to reapply.

Dab Lightly

Dabbing is a welcome idea especially if it is a cologne without the spray nozzle, however, you don’t need to over-dab. Using the tip of your finger, One light dab is enough. Make sure to wash your hands after you dab to avoid it leaving the fragrance on anything you touch

No Rubbing

When you spray cologne on your wrist, do not rub it in. Rubbing your cologne into your skin will make the fragrance scent fade off faster and might even change the way it smells. You should rather dab it lightly.

Do not rub

How to spray cologne: Mistakes to Avoid

At this point, you should know if you have been spraying your cologne the right way. Nevertheless, there are some mistakes to avoid when spaying a cologne. 

When you spray cologne, Do Not:

Spray in the air and walk into it

Colognes have a light concentration, which makes them last just 2 hours. When you spray your cologne in the air and walk into it, it wastes your cologne because it needs to be sprayed on your body. Maybe it works for perfumes, but it just goes to the floor for a cologne.

mix cologne with any scented deodorant

Your cologne is best applied after you have a bath and moisturize your skin. There is no need to mix your cologne with a scented deodorant, the fragrance of your cologne will be altered or not blend well with the deodorant, which can make you smell awful.

Use the pour-and-dab method

Colognes are meant to be sprayed lightly directly into the pulse points. Now, when you pour and dab it like it is a powder, the cologne will be too concentrated on your skin. If you have to dab, dab gently with one finger and usually all you need is one dab

Spray cologne on your clothes

The idea of cologne is to spray it on your moisturized skin so it interacts with your natural body oil to give you a unique smell, so when you spray on your clothes it defeats this purpose and traps your cologne on your clothes and can even stain your clothes.

Expose your cologne to sunshine

After spraying, don’t just toss your cologne anywhere, especially where sunlight can reach it. Make sure to store it away from a spot subject to temperature fluctuations. You simply keep it in a cool dry place.

Spray too much

When it cologne keep in mind less is more. As a gentleman, you should keep it light and subtle.

Spray directly on your skin

Do not spray cologne directly on your skin, Spraying directly on your skin without moisturizing will make the cologne wear off faster than the 2 hours it is expected to last.

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Choosing a Cologne

Besides knowing how to spray a Cologne, It is important to first of all choose the right cologne for your body.

A cologne otherwise known as Eau de Cologne has a light concentration of 2-4% of perfume oils in water and alcohol. It is a fresh, fruity, light masculine scent lasting for 2 hours

When choosing a cologne, there are four fragrance scent groups that will give you an idea of the best cologne for you, your lifestyle and your body language.

They include: 


If you are looking for a “breath of fresh air” kind of fragrance, this is what you need. A fragrance with lavender or citrus is one to give you that bust of freshness just after a bath and skin moisturizing.

How to spray cologne


Just like the name connotes, it smells just like flowers. This is one fragrance every man should go for. Despite sounding feminine, it can be Masculine and hits the right notes.

How to spray cologne


Personalities differ, some people like the smell of the park,  so they would rather go for fragrances that have some positive impression about nature or parks. Examples include forest aroma,  Moss, and fir. This fragrance gives a “masculine” scent that leaves you smelling really so good!

Eau de cologne woodzy


On the other hand, if you are looking for that seductive kind of cologne, warm and spicy you can count on the oriental fragrance. It has a mixture of vanilla and spices to give you a seductive scent. 

eau de cologne oriental


Like they say, “dress how you will like to be addressed” but how will you like to be perceived for colognes? Your outfit and body fragrance give people an impression of how to address you. Choosing the right cologne and knowing how to spray it gives the perception of what you want to be remembered for.

Did you find this article helpful? Which cologne best suits your style and which method of spraying have you been doing right? Leave a comment.

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