how to use a body scrub

Do You Know How To Use A Body Scrub?

In this article, we will talk about how to use a body scrub. To exfoliate means removing dead cells from the skin’s surface using a chemical exfoliator or a scrub. These cells fall off naturally after some time but using a scrub or an exfoliant can clear them and improve the look of your skin.

How to Use Body Scrub?

A body scrub is a  cream that contains exfoliating particles that are used to exfoliate the skin. It is good for almost all skin types. It softens your skin and gets rid of dry, dead cells leaving your skin smoother and ready for moisturizers and body creams.

A body scrub is a cream based on exfoliating particles that are used to scrub the face and body. There are different types of body scrub, some remove the dead cells on the skin while some clean the skin removing other debris.

Body Scrub in hand

Uses of body scrub

A body scrub is used to lighten the skin. When the dead cells are removed, the pigmented spots are removed leaving the surface of your skin lighter, firm, and radiant. Body scrub helps in cleansing your skin more effectively and unclogging the pores. This can help prevent breakouts and leave your skin refreshed. The usual soap and sponge clean the skin, but they can’t completely keep the skin clean and free of debris.

A body scrub can improve the effectiveness of your body cream and moisturizers. When the cells on the skin are removed, it leaves the pores open which makes the cream penetrate more deeply into the skin. If you have been wondering why your body cream doesn’t lighten you as expected maybe you should try exfoliating your skin first.

If you had a stressful day and want a good way to relax, you should try a scrub massage. This helps you feel calm, and the soothing feeling makes you relaxed. Body scrub reduces blemishes and smoothens and rejuvenates the skin making it an even skin tone and leaving it smooth and soothing.

Looking good boosts self-confidence. Glowing skin shouldn’t be underrated, it can make you feel good and confident about yourself and what you wear.

How to use a body scrub

Body scrub may soothe all skin types but it’s not for everyone. Besides getting a body scrub (homemade or purchased) there are important things to note. You have to know how and when to use it for maximum results. 

Depending on your skin type, you may need to exfoliate twice or thrice a week.  However, if you have dry skin, you should consider exfoliating once a week. You can avoid skin irritation by not exfoliating if you have dry skin. You don’t want to cause more harm than good to your skin. If you are uncertain about your skin type condition, see a dermatologist.

Use soap or body wash first with lukewarm water before applying the scrub, by doing this you will get rid of dirt and dust that are on your skin before the scrub does the thorough cleansing. Soaps wash out dirt, oils, debris, and the top dead cells, Scrubs do the ultimate cleansing so a soap/body wash would be needed more just before scrubbing 

Put body scrub on your hand preferably and massage in a circular motion all around your body. Allow to sit for a minute or two and then rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water and towel dry lightly. Apply body cream or lotion after the exfoliating process. It keeps your skin well moisturized.

how to use body scrub
Moisturize after the use of a body scrub

Types of body scrub

When choosing a body scrub, you have to consider your skin type. Many body scrubs are made from different ingredients and have different benefits.

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub contains essential minerals that protect against toxins and wash them out. It is good for those with sensitive skin. Sugar scrub fights against acne and hyperpigmentation and smoothens and brightens skin.

Sugar body scrub

Coffee Scrub

Coffee has antioxidants that help wash off toxins and keep the skin healthy. It also has a stimulant that improves blood flow circulation resulting in youthful and glowing skin.

Coffee body scrub

Salt Scrub

The granule texture in salt scrub makes them the best for scrubbing away dead cells from the body. Salt scrub has antiseptic qualities that reduce inflammation and kills bacteria thereby reducing irritation and itching. This is the most popular scrub.

Salt body scrub

Charcoal Scrub

A charcoal body scrub is suitable for people with oily, acne-prone skin. Charcoal doesn’t only remove your dead skin cells but also helps to detoxify your pores for a much deeper cleanse.

Biore Charcoal Scrub

How to Care for your Skin

Skincare is a series of practices that enhance skin looks and improve skin conditions. These practices may include exfoliation, cosmetics, ultrasonic skin treatment, nutrition, and sun exposure. Skincare should be a part of our daily routine, especially for those with dry skin.

Skin care starts with knowing your skin type, this will help you choose the right practices and products that suit your skin.

Skin Types

To know the best skincare routine or products to use, you have to first know your skin type. Some people end up using the wrong products because they do not know their skin type. To have healthy and glowing skin, make sure you know your skin type. This can help you avoid breakouts and skin irritations.

There are four major skin types:

  • Dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Normal skin
  • Combination skin

Dry Skin

This condition makes the skin dry, scaly, and flaky due to low sebum production. Dry skin lacks the lipids that help retain moisture. Use a protective moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated all through the day. There are several products made especially for dry skin that contain natural oils that can ease the tightness and uncomfortable feeling that comes with dry skin.

Oily Skin

 Unlike dry skin, oily skin has high sebum production. This can be caused by some factors like diet, stress, genetics, hormonal imbalance or changes, and even cosmetic products. Oily skin is prone to acne breakout, and people with this skin type have enlarged pores. They may need to apply powder on their face often and cleanse their face with a mild face cleanser twice a day.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is the type of skin with a balanced mixture and sebum production. It has good blood circulation, no blemishes, fine pores, smooth and soft texture with an even tone. Their skin is hardly selective of products to use, they rarely have breakouts.

Combination Skin

As the name combination implies, this type of skin is a mixture of oily areas as well as dry patches. The best way to care for this skin type is to treat each part separately with suitable products. The oily parts of combination skin are a result of the overproduction of sebum while the dry parts are caused by a lack of sebum and a corresponding lipid deficiency.


A moisturizer is a cosmetic preparation that is used to lubricate, protect and moisturize the skin. When you know your skin type, you will be able to know the right moisturizer and body scrub to use. Moisturizers are as important as body scrubs.


Looking good is great, you may wear good fashionable clothes or shoes, or use one of the best fragrances in the world but having glowing skin can boost your confidence even more. Using a body scrub is one of the many practices that give glowing skin. Other than just a body scrub purchase, understanding how to use a body scrub and when to use it is key. If you found this useful, leave a comment below.

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