Green vein undetone


You might have been one of those people who have seen a green-like coloured vein close to their eyelids and arm, and of course, without having an idea that it is called the green vein undertone.

The presence of the green vein has planted fear in the hearts of many who find its colour strange and appearance unusual. This has led to many people asking the question “what is green vein undertone?”

Stay with me, in this blog post, we will be discussing a lot which is not limited to just answering the question “what is green vein undertone?”

What is skin complexion?        

Green vein undertone

Skin complexion is defined as the quality, colour, and outward appearance of something or the skin on the face. 

One of the popular methods used in knowing what your skin complexion is by carefully looking at the appearance of the vein beneath your skin.

If your veins appear purple or bluish, then you are cool skin toned. But in a case where your vein has a bluish-green or greenish colour, then you are warmed skin toned. A warmed skin tone person is one with a green vein undertone.


The reason why my vein looks green?

Whether your vein looks bluish or greenish, be settled, there is no cause to be alarmed. There is no problem with it being so. The hue of your veins is dependable on the amount of fat you have and the undertone of your skin.

People with blue vein undertone are categorized as having cool skin tones, those with green vein undertone belong to warm skin tones. Those with both belong to the neutral skin tone.

Green veins are veins situated near the surface of the skin. The ability to see the colour of your vein if you are dark-skinned is somewhat harder than if you are light-skinned.

The presence of a visible green vein is an illusion that happens because we view them through the skin layers and tissues. They suck up more red frequencies. Hence, permitting a vast percentage of green frequency waves to reach the eye. 

The colour red having a longer wavelength is why your vein’s colour is green. This is because, in comparison with red, it has a shorter wavelength

The part where veins are most visible in the body?

  • Forehead 
  • Thighs 
  • Eyelids 
  • Shin 
  • Chest 
  • Abdomen 
  • Hand 
  • Neck 

It is also vital to note that some factors may stir a prominent appearance of your veins. These factors include genetics, emotions, temperature, and exercise.


What are varicose veins?

Green vein undertone

It’s an abnormally swollen or dilated vein provoked by the improper functioning of your one-way valves which hinders blood from flowing backwards through your vein.

Since they are filled excessively with blood, varicose veins may look swollen, large, zigzag, and look green, purple, red, or blue.

While varicose veins can be a cause for alarm, their colour is not something that should disturb you. This is because naturally it is supposed to look green due to light and haemoglobin. This is to say when light rays emit in blood, all other colours are absorbed by this pigment except for the colour red.

Often time, what we perceive as colour is the frequency of the light spectrum that is reflected from a large wave while other waves are soaked up. 

It is true when they say that standing for a prolonged period can affect your blood circulation. Hence, the jobs that need you standing, affect your green vein undertone and laborious jobs fuel your chance of developing a varicose vein. Pregnant women and people with obesity tend to suffer from varicose veins too.

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How to maintain your green vein undertone 

  • Elevate your legs at work 
  • Wear comfy clothes and shoe 
  • Stay hydrated 
  • Wear comprehension socks

Final thought 

Deciding on the kind of jewellery or clothes colour that fits your green vein undertone can be troublesome. For someone with a green vein undertone, gold jewellery is highly recommended. 

Colours with more dark hues like brown, dark red, orange red, cream, dark green, yellow-green…etc, will complement your warm skin undertone.

Additionally, if you are not confident of your bluish-purple or green vein and want to hide it, you can neutralize its colour with makeup just in the way you conceal your eye bags with a peach or yellow concealer. Also, a nude foundation would be just perfect for your skin.

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