the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria

Here are the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria 

Are you looking to set up a business but have zero idea on what business to go into? Well here it is, my dear entrepreneur, the most lucrative businesses you can set up here in Nigeria, so now you have a long list of ideas in your hands, so let’s go through them now, and at the end of this article, you’ll get the lucrative business idea that is perfect for you. 

Here are lucrative business ideas you should check out if you want to set up a business in Nigeria:


Farming in Nigeria

Nigeria has a large agricultural sector, with a variety of crops grown including rice, yams, beans, maize, and wheat. Starting an agricultural business, such as a farm or a small-scale food processing company, could be a lucrative opportunity. Nigeria is a country with an abundant potential for business growth. The most lucrative opportunities possible in Nigeria are found in the agricultural sector due to its ample land, large population and diverse climates. Agriculture has immense potential in providing jobs and generating wealth for businesses seeking a lucrative venture within the Nigerian economy. Agriculture provides a multitude of opportunities in terms of farming and agro-processing, livestock rearing, fisheries and aqua-culture production, among other activities that businesses can capitalize on to make themselves more financially successful.

Mobile phone repair

Here are the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria 

With a large and growing population, the demand for mobile phone repair services is high in Nigeria. Starting a mobile phone repair business could be a good opportunity for those with technical skills and an interest in the field. The phone repair industry is becoming one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria. The demand for quality phone repairs has been increasing rapidly in recent years as more people are using their phones to communicate with others, access information, and conduct business transactions. With the ability to provide quality phone repair services, startup businesses can take advantage of this steady revenue stream and grow their business through word of mouth advertising. Phone repair businesses can also benefit from opportunities created by technological advancement such as increased availability of new and improved phones in the market. Skilled technicians can now source spare parts and training materials easily, making them well equipped to compete in the lucrative Nigerian market.

Real estate

Why not join the real estate business

The real estate market in Nigeria is rapidly growing, with demand for both residential and commercial properties. Starting a real estate business, such as a brokerage or property management company, could be a lucrative opportunity.

Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Nigeria has a significant need for electricity, and there is a growing demand for renewable energy sources. . As a result, renewable energy suppliers have some of the most lucrative business opportunities right now in Nigeria. With solar panels getting cheaper to buy, it is easier than ever to start your own business by setting up a small-scale grid powered by renewable energy sources like solar. This means that you will have an ample supply of customers who are looking for a safe and reliable source of electricity, while also doing your part to reduce carbon emissions in the process. There are plenty of opportunities available in the Nigerian market right now for entrepreneurs in the renewable energy sector. Starting a business in the renewable energy sector, such as a solar panel installation company, could be a good opportunity.

Fashion design

Fashion design business

Nigeria has a vibrant fashion industry, with a unique and diverse range of styles. Starting a fashion design business, either by creating your clothing line or offering design services to other fashion brands, could be a lucrative opportunity.


E-commerce business

Nigeria has a large and growing online market, with many consumers using the internet to shop for a variety of goods. Starting an e-commerce business, such as an online store or a marketplace, could be a good opportunity.

With more Nigerians getting access to smartphones and computers, e-commerce businesses have gained more traction. Entrepreneurs in this industry have a lot of opportunities to tap into like setting up digital stores, providing services such as mobile payments and others. The industry continues to grow steadily as more people get interested in e-commerce due its convenience and potential for financial success.


Education business

Nigeria has a large and growing population, with a high demand for education at all levels. Starting an educational business, such as a private school or a tutoring service, could be a lucrative opportunity.


Healthcare business

Nigeria’s healthcare system is facing significant challenges, with many people lacking access to quality medical care. Starting a healthcare business, such as a clinic or a diagnostic centre, could be a good opportunity to meet this need. This is recommended for medical professionals only.


Transportation business

Nigeria has a large and growing population, and there is a high demand for transportation services. Starting a transportation business, such as a taxi or ride-sharing service (Uber, Bolt), delivery businesses, or public transport companies, those brave enough to venture into the transportation industry in Nigeria can realize tremendous amounts of profits. These services have become essential for businesses and individuals alike as people adapt to living in an increasingly digital world. With the proper resources and effort, a business owner can reap great rewards from capitalizing on this ever-growing trend.

Food processing

Food processing business

With a large and growing population, Nigeria has a significant demand for processed food products such as flour, pasta, and snack foods.

Retail Business

Retail Business

Nigeria has a large and growing consumer market, with opportunities for retailers to sell a wide range of goods and services.

Information technology

Information technology business

IT basically involves the research or use of systems for storing, retrieving, and delivering information. Nigeria’s rapidly growing population and increasing access to technology make it an attractive market for IT services and products.


Tourism business

Nigeria is blessed with a diverse range of natural and cultural attractions, making it an attractive destination for tourists.


Nigeria’s large population and abundant natural resources make it an attractive location for manufacturing a wide range of products.


Nigeria is one of the world’s most blessed countries, filled with many resources and opportunities. With the right information and tools, you can earn a lot regardless of the country’s economic crises, you can still be on the winning side and grow a successful business, and maintain a good standard of living.

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