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Honey Skin Tone: All You Need To Know About Your Skin

What is skin tone?

Your skin tone is the complexion or colour of your skin. Skin tone is usually determined by the amount of melanin your skin produces. Your skin tone can also contribute to the kind of makeup and hair colour that you can wear as well as the kind of outfits that complement it. Do you want to know more about your honey skin tone and the best way to take care of your skin? Get in here to find out.

Ways to determine that you have honey skin tone

Honey skin tone is a warm, golden-brown skin colour that has become increasingly popular in the beauty industry. Knowing your skin tone can help you choose the perfect foundation and makeup colours to bring out your best features:

On the inside of your wrist, look at the veins

This is one of the simplest ways to determine your honey skin tone, take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If your veins appear greenish-blue, you likely have a honey skin tone, if they are bluer, you likely have a cooler complexion. If they appear more greenish-olive, then you probably have a warmer skin tone.

Pay attention to the hue of the veins and compare them to the other methods of identifying your skin tone to ensure that you get an accurate assessment.

Check if you tan or burn in the sun

One of the best ways to determine your skin tone is to observe how it responds to the sun. If you are prone to get sunburned easily, you likely have a lighter skin tone, such as honey. If you tend to tan rather than burn, you may have a darker skin tone. To get an even better idea of how your skin will react to the sun, you can expose small patches of skin to the sun for a few minutes and see how it responds. Additionally, if the area turns pink or red, it’s likely that you have a honey skin tone.

See how your skin reacts to different cosmetics

When it comes to determining your skin tone, one of the best ways to identify it is by how your skin reacts to different cosmetics.

Do you find that certain foundations, blush, and eyeshadow look unnatural on your skin? Does it make you look washed out? These are all signs that the makeup isn’t suited to your skin tone. If you find that certain colours don’t work for you, you may have a honey skin tone.

To further explore this theory, try experimenting with different shades of foundation. See if you can find one that looks natural and blends in with your skin perfectly. If you can find a shade that seems to perfectly match your skin colour, chances are you have a honey skin tone.

In addition, you can also try testing out various shades of blush and eyeshadow to see how they look on your skin. The colours that work best with honey skin are typically warm shades such as pink, coral, and bronze.

Consider your natural hair colour

Lastly, the simplest way to determine how to identify your skin tone is to look at your natural hair colour. If you have dark brown, black, or deep red hair, chances are that you have a honey skin tone.

It’s also common for individuals with honey skin tones to have golden highlights in their hair when exposed to the sun. This can be a good sign that you may have a honey skin tone. Finally, other signs to look out for include having a medium brown complexion with a slightly yellow undertone, as well as light freckles and moles on the face.

Why do you have a honey skin tone?

As black skinned race, we have a large deposit of melanin in our system, melanin is the substance in your body produced by melanocytes, which results in the pigmentation of your skin. So, the more melanin your body produces the darker your skin. The dark-skinned race has more melanin in their body which explains why we have dark skin. The honey skin tone usually appears in colours ranging from orange, brown, and yellow to shades of brown.

However, even with the melanin that our bodies are endowed with, some of us still tend to appear darker or lighter than the rest and this is what has led to experts categorizing the skin tones that we have under about 25 types of skin tone.

But, In this article, we would just be narrowing it down to the honey skin tone type and in addition, we would keep you updated on the best way to take care of your skin.

How to care for your honey skin tone

To take care of your honey skin tone here are the most important things to take into consideration:

Exfoliation is important

Honey skin tone

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin using an exfoliation tool or body scrubs. This process when done consistently and effectively allows your skin to absorb your skin care products effectively, and also keeps it supple smooth, and radiant. Exfoliation is easy and can be done all by yourself using homemade body scrubs that you can do in the comfort of your home. This is one of the best ways to take care of your honey skin tone.

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Moisturizing your skin is a must

honey skin

Moisturizing your skin is one of the beneficial ways to care for your skin tone, it helps to keep it hydrated, plump, and beautiful. A lot of people make the mistake of not moisturizing their skin simply because their skin produces more oil than normal skin, the secret is moisturizing no matter the condition of your skin.  Not paying attention to your skin getting enough moisture can lead to damage to your skin barrier and it can cause wrinkles and premature aging.

The sun is not your friend


It is true that the sun gives you vitamin D which is also known as ‘’the sunshine vitamin’’ this vitamin is known to be necessary for the development of healthy bones.

However, when your skin is exposed to the sun without a form of protection to prevent the harmful rays of the sun from penetrating your skin, it increases the risk of skin cancer, sunburn, and damage to your skin barrier which then leads to premature ageing and age spots

. One way to protect your skin is through the use of sunscreen, a sun proof formula that comes in the form of a lotion, and this is applied on your skin, especially in places that are exposed to the sun, the re-application is to be done every 2 hours.

Adopt a skincare regimen for your honey skin tone

honey skin tone

Skincare regimens or routines are a set of specific procedures that aim at improving the skin and correcting blemishes. In addition, it also boosts the state of health of your skin, so if you want to really take care of your skin you should adopt a skincare routine or regimen that helps you cater to your skin needs. To do this effectively, visit a dermatologist for a recommendation of products that work best for your type of honey skin tone.

Water is your best friend

honey skin tone

Water provides hydration for your skin; if there is one thing your skin should not lack, it is hydration. A well-hydrated skin looks vibrant, plump, and healthy and if you cultivate the habit of religiously taking water often, then you are sure to have a desirable result of a beautiful honey skin tone.

Eat healthily to maintain your honey skin tone

the best way to take care of your honey skin tone

It is true that you are what you feed yourself, if you desire to have healthy glowing skin then you have to pay attention to what you eat and feed well. Sometimes, all you need is to really eat a good and balanced meal to maintain your honey skin tone. Pay attention to feeding yourself with vegetables, protein, and fruits, cut down your sugar intake, and eat less fatty foods and junk.


The best way to take care of your honey skin tone is simply paying attention and minding your skin, which has been richly discussed in the steps above. In addition, taking care of your skin is important if you want to achieve a youthful glow and healthy skin. Finally, taking care and paying attention to your skin needs helps you to boost your confidence because of the beauty and radiance it adds to your physique.

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