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Have you been considering building your chest muscles at home? Do you not know how to go about it? Have you been wondering about the possibility of building chest muscles at home? This article which is a guide on how to build chest muscles at home is all you need to get started.

However, it’s important to note that not only men should build their chest muscles, but as a lady, you are also welcome to build yours. The chest is that portion of the front view of the human body from the base of the neck to the top of the thorax. There’s a need to focus on exercises like push-ups, dips, etc to help build your chest muscles.

What are the four chest muscles?

How to build chest muscle at home

Chest muscles are any of the muscles that are connected to the front barricades of the chest with the bones of the shoulder and upper arm. 

There are a pair of such muscles on each side of the breastbone; they are:

  • Pectoralis major 
  • Pectoralis minor 
  • Serratus anterior 
  • Subclavius 

Although there are no special benefits that come with learning how to build your chest muscles at home, it is a major time saver and it gives room for privacy.

Benefits of building chest muscles 

  • It betters your posture 
  • Provides lift and support to the breast 
  • Aids in deeper breathing 
  • Stabilizes the shoulder joint 
  • Abstracts sugar from the blood 
  • Improves body metabolism 
  • Increase upper body and physical strength 
  • Enhances your physique 

Responsibilities of chest muscles 

   Chest muscles are used for:

  • Moving the arm up, down, and across the body 
  • Rotation and abduction 
  • Pushing a door open 
  • Lifting your body away from the floor 
  • washing of hair

How to build chest muscles at home 

It may happen that due to the weather you can’t make it to the gym or your car broke down, whatever the reason might be, it does not matter. What matters is that you still carry out your chest workouts, hence the need to learn how to build chest muscles at home can not be excessively exaggerated. 

Here are ways to build chest muscles at home:

Spider-man’s Push-up

How to build chest muscles at home

This form of push-up is good for building your core. To do this, you need to begin with a standard push-up position, and curve your elbows in a way that your chest is lower than they are. 

As you proceed, bend a knee and lift it along with you. Stay in this pose for a few seconds before going back to the starting position, then carry out the same procedures using the other leg.

Standard Press-up

It’s a golden oldie. In this press-up, you lie down flat with your face facing the floor, keep your hands in the same direction as your shoulder and keep your hands straight.

How to build chest muscle at home

Keep a straight line from your neck area to your heels then get up on your toes. Ensure not to curve your back as this will decrease the efficiency of the press-up and may endanger you. To do this, get your chest as close to the floor as you can whilst bending your elbows. To get the benefits, keep your legs and back in a straight line. At least, do a set of ten reps, and restart after taking the thirty-second break. Do three steps after you are done, and add two or more sets each time you feel like taking your aim further.

Finally, also note that in the course of learning how to build chest muscles at home, completing each set of press-ups slowly and in a well-controlled manner is important.

Slightly easier press-ups

How to build chest muscle at home

In this case, here are the ways to make it easier before it grows into an all-out press-up.

Firstly, rather than being on your toes, you can be on your knees, and the importance of keeping your legs and back straight remains unchangeable. You can proceed to the next step if these become easier.

Inclined press-up: How to build chest muscles at home

How to build chest muscles at home

Press-ups are simpler when your foot position is lower than your hand. 

Having this in mind, you can get into a standard press-up position, and rather than having your hands on the ground, lift them carefully on a chair or sofa arm.

Decline press-ups

How to build chest muscle at home

This is the opposite of inclined press-ups, and it is a very effective way to build chest muscles at home. In doing this, you should lift your feet and let them rest on either a sofa or bench whilst keeping your legs and back in a straight line.

Plyometric press-ups

How to build chest muscles at home

This form of press-up will help you burn more calories and boost your muscle stamina. Get in a standard press-up position and bring yourself to the floor and try lifting yourself in such a way that your hands leave the floor. 

You can try to spice this act up by clapping your hands together each time you exert the force that allows your hands to leave the floor.

Diamond Press-ups

How to build chest muscles at home

The addition of this to your chest muscles-building workout at home is an excellent plus, it also works for your arm muscles. 

In this case, you are to put the whole length of your arm underneath your chest, with your index and thumb fingers touching each other.

Wide Press-ups

Doing this helps supply pecs, deltoids, and tricep muscles. Instead of keeping your shoulder and hands width apart, try placing them in a wider form.

How to build chest muscles at home

One-leg Press-ups

To do this, start with standard press-ups, lift one of your legs whilst tightening your glutes and ensure to complete your set of reps, at least ten reps.

How to build chest muscles at home

Off-set Press-ups

How to build chest muscles at home

For this, start with a traditional press-up pose and lift your hand in a way that it is resting on a stable surface which could be anything. Swap hands after completing a set of push-ups.

When doing more than two sets, ensure you create even numbers for them, so as not to work on one side more than the other.

How to build chest muscles without weight 

Here are ways to build chest muscles at home without weight:

  • Press-ups 
  • TRX Chest flye 
  • Scapula Press-up 
  • Plyometric Press-up 
  • Dip 
  • Close-grip Push-up 


Know that, in learning how to build chest muscles at home, the key is to start simple and small. It’s important to keep these muscles strong and healthy as you need them for your day-to-day activities. Finally, chest muscle is not easy to build, there’s no quick way about it.

Achieving that kind of body comes with hard work, continuity, and determination. By following the above list and steps in this article, you are certainly on your way to building your desired chest muscles.

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