How to make homemade perfume with flowers

How to Make Homemade Perfume with Flowers

How to make homemade perfume with flowers has been a fussy question in the minds of natural perfume lovers. The exorbitant prices they experience have restricted them from getting their favorite perfume.

By producing your own perfumes, you may save a lot of money while also avoiding professionally created perfumes that contain dangerous ingredients.

The wonderful aroma generated by flowers fascinates us. They are captivating mixtures of natural substances produced by certain flower cells. Even on a small scale, there are several techniques you can use to make homemade perfume with flowers.

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What are homemade perfumes?

Homemade perfumes are a combination of natural ingredients that work together to produce a sophisticated and layered olfactory experience that suits your smell.

Homemade perfume requires no special skills or equipment to make. Let us get to the recipes so you may learn how to make homemade perfume with flowers.

You may always shine with a green glow if you make your own perfume and use natural ingredients in your personal care.

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Benefits of a good homemade perfume

  • Improves self-esteem.
  • Improves mood.
  • Recalls recollections.
  • It enhances your attractiveness.
  • Helps with insomnia.
  • Improves health.
  • It relieves a headache.

What you need to make homemade perfume with flowers

  • Fresh flowers (You get to choose which flowers are used to produce perfume). Make sure it has a pleasant aroma that appeals to you. 
  • Clean Distilled water
  • A fine-sieve strainer/cheesecloth.
  • A small, non-plastic funnel.
  • A glass rod
  • Spoon
  • Unscented oil (You can choose jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, or sunflower oil)
  • A spray bottle (This sort of container features a spraying nozzle that disperses the stored liquid within as mist. You may also keep your perfume in a glass or plastic container)

Here are the procedures to follow on How to Make Homemade Perfume with Flowers

Choose your ingredients
How to make homemade perfume with flowers

First, choose the plants that will be used in your bespoke scent. This can be anything that appeals to your nose, such as blooms and leaves, rose petals, citrus, or rosemary. Make certain that the flowers are fresh. Pluck and remove the petals from the flowers of your choice. Ensure that there are no water droplets on the petals.

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Dry out the Petals
How to make homemade perfume with flowers

Next, it is crucial that you dry out your plants by airing them out until they are flaccid. To be sure, place the flowers beneath a fan to dry and remove any extra moisture from the petals. Ensure they are not dried directly under sunlight, otherwise, the petals will lose their scent.

This minimizes the amount of water in the perfume, making its scent more concentrated.

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Soak the Flowers 
How to make homemade perfume with flowers

Take a square foot of cheesecloth and cut it to size. You are required to utilize a filtering system that is flexible and pliable. Set the cheesecloth inside a clean glass jar or empty bowl, making sure the four corners hang outside of the bowl.

Then, on top of the cloth, place your complete petals or leaves. Pour just enough water to cover the petals’ tops. Place a lid on top. Lastly, allow the mixture to soak and sit overnight.

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Cut out the Solids 
How to make homemade perfume with flowers

The next day, take off the cover and carefully fold the four corners of the cheesecloth together. Remove the bag from the bowl while the water and petals are still inside. Following that, strain by gently pressing the cheesecloth over a small saucepan. This will cause the flower-scented water to be released.

Reduce your Perfume to Heat
How to make Homemade perfume with flowers

Turn on the burner and simmer the flower water until just about one teaspoon of liquid remains. Allow the liquid to cool before transferring it to a container or a tiny spray bottle. When stored in a cold, dark area, a perfume created from flower petals can last up to one month.

A natural perfume does not contain any of the synthetic or artificial scents that are commonly employed in commercial perfumery. Synthetic fragrances are incapable of capturing the delicate subtleties that emerge when vegetation stimulates the senses.

Exploring Essential Oils 

How to make homemade perfume with flowers

It is necessary to investigate the effects of your ingredients because essential oils might be unpleasant if applied incorrectly. However, if you have sensitive skin or like to be cautious, you should use a lesser concentration of oils.

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Procedures to consider when exploring Essential Oils for Homemade flowers

Ensure the petals are fresh and air-dried. Now, heat the oil before pouring it into the glass jar. The amount should be sufficient to thoroughly wet all of the petals. The oil content may be adjusted depending on the number of petals used.

Soak and crush the petals in the glass jar with mild heated oil. Ensure the petals are immersed in the oil. However, if you press too firmly on the petals, they will disintegrate. Check that they are all adequately immersed.

Cover the glass jar closely with its lid and store it in a warm place for at least a day.

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On the following day, gently remove the glass jar and open it. Remove the blossom petals using a strainer. In addition, gently remove the flower remains from the oil. It is only the oil that is required.   


Making your own perfume, whether for yourself or for someone special, is a lovely gesture of care and love. You can follow the above procedures on how to make homemade perfume with flowers to make a natural perfume with no skin effect. Making a natural perfume oil entails generating a product with both staying power and fragrance complexity that can compete with mass-produced, factory-made perfume items.

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