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How to put on Cologne

 Tom Ford says ‘Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman.’ If you don’t know where and how to put on cologne, and you have been exploring effortlessly “how to put on cologne”, then search no more. Hopefully, this article which is a directory on how to put on cologne will end your search and give you the answers you seek.

How to put on cologne

When buying a cologne, there is a lot to decode. If you are patronizing cologne for the first time, firstly you need to have an understanding of how it is being produced, find the right percentage of your needed scent, and lastly, know the right way to put on cologne.

Where not to put on cologne 

Everyone likes to smell like a bag of valentine roses and breathtakingly sweet. For a cologne enthusiast, it is possible to get so carried away and over-spray a cologne. Additionally, it is essential to note that spraying a cologne can be done everywhere on the body but these parts:

  • Eyes 
How to put on cologne

The eyes being the most important of the five senses is the most seen place to keep clear of when putting a cologne on. The presence of ethyl in colognes enables it to irritate and makes it stings when it comes in contact with the eyes.

  • Genital 

Just like the eyes, putting on cologne near your reproductive organ is wrong. Furthermore, putting fragrance near the women’s vagina can potentially cause itchiness and may provoke an infection.

  • Armpit 

It is not advisable to directly spray a cologne into your underarms, because the reaction between your cologne smell and your underarm’s sweat gland may result in itchiness, hence causing you discomfort.

  • Hand 

Although putting on cologne on your wrist is one of the most famous methods of smelling great, applying it on your hand is wrong as the presence of alcohol in the cologne can cause your skin to dry & crack.

  • Cloud 

It is not advisable to spray your cologne into the air or in a cloud form and try walking into it.  This usually leads to loss of cologne as only a few will land on your body, and the rest may likely fall on the fall. At the end of it, the room will retain the nice smell of the fragrance but you. 

  • Clothes 
A cologne product for sale

Spraying your cologne straight into your clothes will avert it from mixing with your skin’s natural oil, which makes it outstanding. Also, pouring out your cologne on your clothing may cause harm to some textiles.

  • Rubbing the cologne onto the skin 

This makes the smell diminish even faster than normal, as the act breaks down molecules. If you are using a cologne whose spray nozzle is not made available or is faulty, it is advisable to dab the cologne but rub.

Part of the body to put on a cologne 

 There are several ways to wear a cologne, however, deciding on the part of the body to spray your cologne into can be indecisive. 

Some of these methods are useful and others, futile, the hazard of it is that you may end up not smelling your fragrance at all or overpowering passersby. To get an equalized balanced, the best part of the body to wear a cologne are listed below 

What you need to know about how to use cologne
  • The Chest 
  • The Nape 
  • Base Of The Throat 
  • Jugular 
  • Behind And Top Of the Ears 
  • Shoulder Joints 
  • The Ankles 
  • Behind Your Knees 
  • Calves 
  • Elbow 
  • Belly Button 
  • Hair

When to put on a cologne 

Some people have a particular fragrance they worship and like to smell like it every time, to them, this scent gives pleasure and a sense of relaxation. Whatever the motive may be, cologne is great for sleep and general well-being. 

You can put on your cologne right after you shower, and apply it immediately after you are getting out of the shower in preparation for work or to bed. A shower helps wash the body of any odors and helps open pores which instigate scent absorption

How to put on cologne

When putting on your cologne, hold the bottle about three to six inches away from your body. You peril over-applying if you hold it near and under-applying if you hold it any yonder. Finally, experts advise that cologne should be applied around heated parts of the body as it aids the diffusion of the smell all through the day and enables your body to produce its special signature smell.

Importance of wearing a cologne 

  • It drives off an offensive smell 
  • It builds confidence
  • Improves mood 
  • It incites memories 
  • Makes you look attractive 
  • It gives a good impression 


Discovering how to put on cologne is a skill that if not executed appropriately, can lead to over-application or a smell that vanishes instantaneously. The smell is a part of life, the odour around you can make you feel ecstatic, calm, sexually attractive, etc. 

Finally, the impacts of smell make it more essential to find a good cologne you like, know how to put on cologne, and feel assured and secure. Also, a suitable cologne will fit you into whatever mood you are in.

I hope you got insight reading this, if yes, do leave a comment behind.



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