How to use body splash


It’s vital to know how to use body splash because it is an essential part of one’s skincare routine. Body splash is quite different from perfume and deodorant. In this article, you will know what body splash is, its types, and how to use body splash.

We all know that most people love to use the best scent to make an impression. You will be more attractive and receptive to people when you smell good. From deodorants to perfumes to body splash, there are lots of options available to choose from.

What is their individual purpose and how are they different from one another? Emphasis on how to use body splash. You may not wear perfume daily, but you can always wear a body splash. This is because it’s soothing with a gentle fragrance and is lightweight.

How to use body splash


A body splash is known as a body spray or body mist. It’s like a perfume but milder than a perfume because it doesn’t contain a higher percentage of fragrance oil. Body splash is softer, cheaper, lighter, and less concentrated compared to perfume. Body splash offers a pleasant all-over scent, it lasts up to 4 hours meaning its longevity is shorter compared to perfume. To stay fresh all day, you will have to spritz some throughout the day.


Are you in need of a product that is better for your skin, and has a gentle and subtle scent, body splash is all you need, do you know why? This is because the scent is not too strong to tick you off or the other person that is around you while you equally smell fresh all day. Body splash will give you that fresh out-of-shower kind of feeling and fragrance.


If you aren’t convinced about getting a body splash, read on to know the benefits of using body splash.

It can be used for a good night’s sleep

I love having fresh-smelling sheets when I get in bed, if you are like me, get a body splash for yourself. There is a unique way to apply this that promises to give you a relaxed sleep. Take a shower at night to wash off all the day’s dirt, then spritz some body splash on your sheets and pillows, ensure to pick a calming scent like ethereal violet dreams body mist to make you drift off to sleep in beautifully-scented bliss.

You can equally pair the violet dreams body mist with a candle(don’t forget to blow it out before going to bed), It makes you fall asleep easily by calming your senses.

It’s budget-friendly

One of the benefits of body splash is that they are priced at a reasonable rate compared to perfume. It will be easier to purchase them in bulk and use them as occasion demands since they are everyday products. Body splash is also cheaper than perfume because they have a lower concentration of fragrance oil. Body splash can also be used as your on-the-go fragrance refresher. The perfect way to enjoy your favourite scent for less is by using a body splash.

Fragrance Layering

This refers to using multiple products in the same or complementing scents to intensify the fragrance. This act makes your chosen scent last longer thereby ensuring your skin doesn’t absorb the fragrance oil quickly. 

To get a classic fragrance combination, ensure you use a scented body wash to shower in the morning after your shower you can apply a body butter in the same scent and lastly, you finish it up by spritzing a matching body splash. 

I love pairing the beautiful floral scent of violet dreams with the uplifting Elderflower Fizz fragrance to obtain a unique boost of fresh floral fragrance.

It refreshes your home/ wardrobe

You can use your body splash to refreshen that outfit that has been stuck in your wardrobe for ages, do this by keeping the cloth at arms-length then give it a spritz with a body splash of your choice, and leave it to hang outside of your wardrobe to get refreshed for a little while before you use it. 

Note: Body splash has a light and quick-drying nature.

You can also use the water-based formula of body splash to make your home look cleaner, neater, and more attractive before guests come over. Do this by spraying the body splash gently on the cushion and around your home to get a sweet scent.



To get a long-lasting result from your body splash, you need to prepare your skin adequately to ensure the spritz works for you.

Follow this step-by-step guide to achieve this

Shower thoroughly with a complimentary soap or gel

When showering, always use complimentary soaps or body washes that make your skin feel soft and clean. I use a thousand wishes bath set. These products have a dazzling scent with a blend of pink prosecco, sparkling quince, crystal peonies, and gilded amber.

NOTE: Always use soap or body wash with the same fragrance as your spray to prepare your skin.

Furthermore, you can use unscented soap to make the spray fume profound if you cannot find the complimentary scent to shower with. It’s also known as layering fragrances.

Use body splash on moist skin that has been oiled properly

Scents last longer when used on moist skin. Pores tend to open up as soon as you shower, this enables the body to absorb the body splash to make it last longer.

How to use body splash by Spritzing on your pulse points

These points tend to harbour scents more, always spritz in front of the neck, between the breasts, back of the knees, inside of your elbows, and on the wrist.

To enable the spray to cover the entire skin, allow a foot distance when spraying

Ensure the fragrance is fully dried on your skin before getting dressed

Try to give yourself some minutes after using the body splash before dressing up to prevent your clothes from wiping off the scent from your skin.

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How to use body splash by Spraying your hairbrush

To achieve this, get a hairbrush, spritz on it, and then use it to comb your hair, this will give it a similar scent to your body.

To ensure the body splash 

Spray on earbuds or cotton balls and stash them in your handbag or bra for the fragrance fumes to last longer than expected throughout the day,

To get an overall scent

Spritz your cloth carefully. This can be achieved by spritzing in the air and walking through the body splash to scent on your clothes.

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The type of scents to wear before going on an occasion is very important. My favourite is a thousand wishes fine fragrance mist. I love pairing it with bath and body butter because their scents blend perfectly.

The following are body splash you can explore


This body mist keeps its users feeling fresh the entire day no matter how busy or active your day is. It contains Chamomile and Aloe vera to keep your body calm and refreshed. Use the right amount to get the best out of it.

how to use body splash


This romantic fragrance gives you a candlelight dinner date type of vibe. Its scent is a mixture of sweet melon, freesia, and a mixture of red plum. It makes you smell fruity and sweet. You will feel utterly irresistible and seductive. It has a blend of floral and fruity. 

How to use body splash


This body splash has a sweet and romantic scent, it should be your perfect go-to for a date night. I fell in love with this scent because it has floral notes of violet leaves and water jasmine that marries itself with a sweet vanilla layer.  Its sweet and floral scents tickle my senses. It’s specifically designed for layering.

Scents can last up to 6 hours in a day. 

How to use body splash


It’s a moisturizing body splash for women with a seductive scent of daisy extract, bubble gum, pear, and apples. This body splash has a great long-lasting scent that gives you a feeling of confidence and freshness. It is applied directly to the body because it helps to moisturize the skin. Its moisturizing formula keeps your skin soft. It contains Chamomile and Aloe vera that helps to calm the senses, it has feminine scents that keep your spirit high with sensual elegance.

How to use body splash


You will agree with me that smelling fresh and nice will leave a long-lasting impression on the people you encounter and equally smelling good is very hygienic. In the article “how to use body splash” I spoke about why you need a body splash in your life and why you need to use it anytime and any day. Get a bottle of body splash today to keep your skin hydrated and soft as a baby.

Do you have a body splash? Which of these body splashes do you intend to get and why? Leave a comment.

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