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How to use rice water for hair growth is one of the most popularly asked questions, as a lot of people are eager to know the home remedies for their hair growth problem. 

A good number of people are aware of the importance of rice water, but only a few of them know how to use rice water for hair growth.

How to use rice water for hair growth

Other than rice being an extensively known food in the world, rice water is said to be important for hair growth. Although water keeps the hair and crown healthy, rice water instigates a brisk hair growth process as it contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Hair growth for humans happens far and wide on the body but: fingers, scar surfaces, lips, hand palms, soles of the feet, etc. 

Hair loss may be temporary or endless, anyone can lose hair but it is further familiar in men. Hair loss can be caused by heredity, hormonal imbalance, aging, or a medical situation(alopecia). 

Alopecia is the insufficiency of the hair, which may be caused by failure to grow or loss after growth. Whether you lose your hair due to a medical condition or heredity, it can be veritably disturbing.

Bald hair caused by Alopecia

While there’s no instantaneous hair growth method, literal exemplification hints that rice water may increase the length consistently. Hence the importance of knowing how to use rice water for hair growth can not be overemphasized.

How to make rice water 

Before knowing how to use rice water for hair growth, you need to know how to make the rice water itself. 

Rice water is that sticky stiff water gotten from either a cooked or soaked rice grain. You can make rice water by soaking or cooking the grains

Soaking the rice grain is considered the easiest way to make rice water since you only need to:

  • Take a considerable volume of raw rice 
  • Wash completely
  • Pour about two to three cups of water into a bowl and add your measured rice 
  • Soak for half an hour 
  • Sieve rice into a clean plate

Cooking the rice grain is the quickest technique since you don’t have to stay for about half an hour to commence, you only need:

  • Half a cup of raw rice grain 
  • Pour it into a cooking pot and add four cups of water 
  • Sieve the rice into a separate plate
How to use rice water for hair growth

How to use rice water 

Knowing how to use rice water for hair growth is essential, one of its benefits is that you can do it yourself leisurely from your comfort zone. It does not require any other ingredients or material than the rice itself, thereby saving you the stress of traveling to a distance looking for an expert.

  Rice water can be a substitute for marketable hair conditions. To use this, you should:

  • Wash hair with soap
  • Rinse the soap out  with water 
  • Pour rice water into your hair 
  • Massage hair and crown completely
  • Allow rice water to dry into the hair for about 20-30 minutes 
  • Wash out rice water using warm water 
  • Leave hair to dry 

Benefits of using rice water for hair growth 

 Using rice water for hair growth advocates believe that it: 

  • Increase hair length 
  • Gives it a candescent appearance 
  • Makes the hair texture smoother 
  • Makes hair thicker and stronger 
  • Limit hair breakage 
  • Detangles hair 
  • Regenerates hair 


The use of rice water for hair growth can be done either once a day or a week, you will not see the result incontinently after washing your hair with it, but harmonious use will produce a good result.

People who know how to use rice water for hair growth believe that it’s set to replace saleable hair conditions.

Rice water is not only essential for hair growth but for mortal skin as well. If you are having hair loss, kindly see a medical expert.

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