How to write a result section

How to Write a Result Section: Step by Step Guide

The Result section is the final findings of your study derived from analyses and experiments conducted. This article will guide you on how to write a result section.

Many researchers and students, end up ruining everything with a poor result section write-up, after working so hard to put their projects in order. The main goal of writing a result section is to break down the data into well-organized sentences that interpret the significance of your research or topic.

Ways of organizing your result section

Organizing your result section can take different methods depending on the type of project that is being researched. It is important you sort for a method of presentation that makes the information and ideas as clear as possible to the reader

 There are two major ways of organizing your results section

 ●     Present all your results in one section, immediately followed by the discussion.

●     Present your result and discussion in parts

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How to write a result section

Steps to writing a result section

When writing your result section, note that it must be clear, brief, and related to the topic. Information that does not relate to the topic is not advised to be written down. The discussion, interpretation, and explanation should be left out.

 The following are steps to follow when writing a result section

Study the guidelines and instructions

Before writing your result section, go through the guidelines and instructions, make sure your findings relate and follow the guidelines and instructions provided to produce the right points. The result section shouldn’t be any different from your project, instruction, or guideline given but conclude with more points

Avoid the use of out-of-focus words and unclear language

The result section is the final paragraph or lines in your findings that are meant to crown your project. It is good to use simple language or sentences that are clear for easy understanding. The words used should be directly related to the topic and project. A lengthy write-up should be based on how lengthy your findings are, else it is best to be simple and short.

Write the most important findings first

Always start with the most important result that you got from your research before putting down the less important ones. Never tell a story when writing your result section. The reader will get a clear understanding from what write.

Learn from others

No man is an island, learning is a continuous process. Learning from others is a great way to improve your result section writing skills. Select a few projects in your field, either published or not, that are good and well-written. Study them and observe how the Result section is structured and written, the amount of information given in that section, and how the findings show proof.

Use every possible illustration

When necessary, illustrations can be used to explain your result, like Tables, charts, figures, and visual drawings to showcase the result of your research. Different illustrations are advised for different project result sections for clear understanding.

How to write result section

Simple mistakes to prevent while writing the result section

There are some mistakes one makes when writing a result section of your research. Below are some mistakes identified:

Including repetitive data

Presenting every single piece of information on your project such as findings and data in your result section is wrong. Your result section should be a summary of your research with simple sentences.

Don’t use text to describe everything

When writing your result section, it is not compulsory to use text all around, unless it is necessary but some data are better understood with visual formats like tables, and charts.

Don’t write your result section without an order

Organizing your information is key in writing your result section. Your result section should be structured in an order of importance to explain each paragraph. Do not jump from the first paragraph to the last explanation.

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It is important to know that writing your result section after a long research and project work is very simple. As it is meant to hold just the key points from the research conducted for better understanding by the reader. Ensure you write through each paragraph summarizing the important note out.

If this article has been educational, let us know what you will do differently when writing a result section.

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