How to write a speech

How To Write A Speech : Excellent Ways To Write

Knowing how to write a speech can help motivate people, gain sales, get promotions, and persuade others regarding the perspective you want them to think. To write a good and well-organized speech, you need to think of your audience, know the required length and know the purpose of your writing. When writing a good speech, time should be invested in thinking, researching, organizing, planning, writing, and editing. Speech writing has become a great skill in modern times. In this article, we discuss key aspects of how to write a speech.

What is Speech Writing

A speech is a formal or informal type of talk given to an audience. Giving a great speech allows you to share your thought and ideas with like minds. For example, a simple and brief speech can be given before an introduction or immediately after the introduction.

Speech writing is an act of using the proper grammar expression to convey the right message to the reader. Speech writing can be very technical when following the rules of punctuation, grammar style, and structure but easy to understand when the art of writing is known.

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How to write a Speech: Excellent ways to write

Types of Speech 

Speeches fall under different categories depending on the kind of message to be conveyed. Knowing the types of speech can help you determine the best speech that suits your message. 

Informative Speech 

As the name implies, Informative speech (Information) educates an audience about a particular topic. They state the facts, data, statistics, and concert of the topic. Informative speech enlightens an audience with knowledge about a product or topic. They aren’t meant to convince the audience but to inform the audience about relevant details about a topic.

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Motivational Speech 

A motivational speech is meant to inspire and encourage the audience to do something better. When a motivational speech is given, it shifts the mind of the attendees, from one level to another, improves their thought, and lifts their spirits to do something differently. Most managers and coaches give such speeches to motivate the performance of their staff and create a team spirit.

Persuasive Speech 

Persuasive speech is a dynamic style of speech expression that is meant to convince the audience that the speaker has the right opinion about a topic. The speaker uses concrete evidence, presenting it to his listeners to better persuade them into seeing a reason behind what is shared. Lawyers and politicians are good examples of persuasive speech users.

Debate Speech 

Debate speech is a kind of speech that is given during debate events and follows a set of rules and patterns. When such a speech is given, it is accorded a time frame and monitored within that period. Debate speech is meant to enlighten the listener on a topic with different points of view to justify that opinion. It improves public speaking, research skill, and critical thinking.

Impromptu Speech 

An impromptu speech is the kind of speech you deliver without full preparation. This kind of speech happens at an event when a friend invites you to give a short speech without your notice. It usually puts the individual under pressure and intimidated due to the limited time to prepare. However, with the right guidance and experience, an impromptu speech can be delivered without fear.

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Demonstrative Speech 

A demonstrative speech is given to educate an audience on a particular topic they have no knowledge of with the aid of a virtual demonstration to describe in great detail the topic. This kind of speech leaves a picture in the mind of the audience.

Pitch Speech 

A pitch speech is given when you desire to get support, approval, or consent for a product or solution provided. This kind of speech is mostly used by a salesperson, He tells his clients about the product or services to be offered. This is the act of pitching. Also, a tech company can pitch its newly developed product via presentation to the public. 

Format for Speech Writing 

Here is a simple format for speech writing :

  • Introduction: 

In your introduction, greet the audience, talk about yourself and few points about the topic.

  • Body

Expand and explain the topic, giving the audience its key features and knowledge of the topic.

  • Conclusion

Summarize and wrap up your topic leaving your audience or readers with an impressive note of words.

How to write a Speech: Excellent ways to write

How to Write a Speech: Step-by-Step Process

Below is the process to take when writing a speech from start to finish.

  • Outline the structure of your speech. What ideas do you desire to discuss in each section? 
  • Edit and fine-tune what you have written until you are satisfied.
  • Practice and memorize until you can say some part or most of the speech off-hand. Continuous practice gives you different ideas.
  • Update your written speech and revise more until your flow becomes perfect.

How to Start your Speech Writing 

When you make your first few seconds of speech memorable, it will leave the audience thinking about what you have installed for them in your sentence. Start your speech with the following 

  • Start your speech confidently, and let the audience know why they should listen to you.
  • Remind the audience of the reason why they are there and what’s installed for them.
  • State the length of your speech and how it has been broken down. 
  • State the different points and sections of your speech, so as to engage the attention of the audience.
  • Write the objective and what is to be learned or achieved at the end of the speech.

How to End a Speech 

Your speech should be impactful, and inspiring with a drop of question or wonder in the mind of the listener or reader. 

When ending a speech, these things should be considered:

  • Leave the audience or reader with an impression on their mind by using a popular quote or creating a link to your speech.
  • Summarize the sections of your speech.
  • Ask the audience or readers technical questions regarding the speech that will leave them in awe.
  • Thank the audience or readers for their time.
How to write a Speech: Excellent ways to write

Importance of How to Write a Speech 

Writing down a speech helps you comprehend and organize your thought properly. Some important reasons for speech writing include:

  • It helps with a better understanding of the topic.
  • organizes your thought properly 
  • It keeps you on track. 
  • helps when read out loud for adjustment.
  • It helps expand your thoughts.

How to Write a Speech in the English Language 

When writing a well-constructed speech, the different parts of speech in the English language play a great part. These parts of speech include:

  • Noun

A noun is a word that refers to things (Book), a person (John), an animal (Dog), a place (Nigeria), and an idea (justice).

  • Pronoun 

Pronouns are words used in place of a noun. They enable you not to repeat words while writing.

  • Verb 

A verb is an action word or a doing word. It identifies the action in a sentence.

  • Adjective 

Adjectives are words used to describe something. It is usually used before a noun to give a description.

  • Proposition 

Proposition gives the location or timing of an event with respect to something else.

  • Conjunction 

Conjunction words are used to connect two words between two sentences.

  • Interjection 

These are words used to describe a strong emotion or sudden feeling.

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Steps for Speech Research 

If you desire to give a great speech then you need adequate research on the topic you desire to talk about to ensure effective communication and a simple understanding of the idea shared. Here are a few tips to use when conducting your speech research.

  • Identify your audience 

Research the people you will be speaking to, and get to know your audience before giving your speech. These create some confidence and insight into their thought and opinion. Consider possible questions to be asked.

  • Think of the event 

While conducting your research about the audience, the event should be considered. Research what kind of event you are being told to deliver a speech at a Birthday party, Conference. Also, check the amount of time allocated and the microphone, all this when put into consideration can create great speech delivery.

  •  Focus on your topic 

Understanding the topic you are speaking on can build a speech. When preparing your speech, take time to master the art of focus, and make sure you know what you are talking about. If additional information is needed, research thoroughly, Drafting an outline can keep you focused.

  •  Use quality source 

Speech is considered a piece of information, therefore if the speech given contains data, statistics and facts make sure it’s from the right source. Using valuable resources proves you are giving the audience accurate information.

Examples of Great Speech 

Some famous speeches were given by great men:


“I’m asking you to believe not in my ability to bring about change but in yours” 

“A change is brought about because ordinary people do the extraordinary thing”

His speeches are well prepared and focused, with detail in simple understandable language.

Martin Luther King Jr

“I have a dream”  

“Proud to be maladjusted”

Luther King’s speeches are commanding, inspiring and persuasive.

How to write a Speech: Excellent Ways to write

Winston Churchill 

“Their Finest Hour”

“We shall fight on the beaches”

One of the greatest orators, his speeches are known for lifting hope and strengthening the spirit. 

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One of the best ways of learning how to write a speech is constant reading and listening to lots of speeches. Speech writing can be confusing on how to begin but with constant practice and focus, the skill develops with time. Writing down a speech before you speak increases the overall quality of your speech. 

Before your next speech, take out time to jot something down.

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