Way Forward In The Russia And Ukraine War

The war between Russia and Ukraine concerns me greatly. In both nations, I have many students and friends, and I am quite concerned about their safety. Many of my Nigerian pupils are likewise watching with bated breath. They are extremely concerned about the well-being of their relatives in Ukraine and Russia

For me, my students are my children. I’m concerned about how the deteriorating situation between Russia and Ukraine affects them and the rest of the globe. And all I can hope for is that the commencement of hostilities does not turn into an all-out and horrific conflict.

Russians and Ukrainians have long coexisted; they share much in common and have shared many experiences. And it grieves me to see the insurmountable animosity that has erupted between these two nations. The confrontation between Russia and Ukraine has erupted into more than just a territorial dispute. This is a battle for power and dignity.

All of this is the result of a manifestation of greed that exists in every country and has evolved to the point where it demands satisfaction even at the cost of killing. As a result, if these peoples’ will to win at all costs and establish their dominance prevails, we shall see how this battle becomes the start of a new era of war between countries due to greed.

After all, if countries that are close to each other can’t agree and start a war, then countries that have been at odds for a long time will start fighting even if there’s no external reason.

If it were feasible, I would focus all of my efforts on avoiding a conflict and reaching an agreement. However, Pandora’s box has already been opened, and there is nothing that can be done when a massive stone is flowing down the mountain. The parties may be asked to put down their weapons, exercise restraint, and use caution. Burn the hatchet and light the peace pipe.

However, in this case, the only appropriate decision is to rise above our selfishness, which drives us to wage conflicts. And I’m praying for it alongside the rest of the globe. So that the parties can work out their differences and reach a genuine, friendly agreement. Because a vast positive power, the Higher power, manifests only in the union of hearts and covers all sins with love.

When I look at society as a whole, I see the anguish of a person, illness and misery produced by society, that is, wars between peoples, and I have nothing to offer except prayer.

And we must all pray to the Higher Power together, so that it will give us reason to comprehend that nothing can be accomplished via war. The ability to rise beyond animosity and grow closer to one another, to feel like one family, was given. Demonstrate that we are all one soul.

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