Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria

Review of The Best 10 Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria

Sometimes you don’t have to empty your pocket or purse before you purchase the suitable bleaching cream to change your skin tone. There are some cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria which will also give you the desired result you want.

 Most importantly, bleaching creams that work effectively contain hydroquinone or kojic acid. However, hydroquinone is more effective than kojic acid because it works fast. Therefore, any bleaching cream, whether cheap or expensive, is excellent because Dermatologist highly recommends these two.

To save you cost and stress, we have compiled a list of cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria.

Why Purchase Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria?

 I bet anyone would have these same words on their lips. This is because most times the word cheap is often associated with either fake or low-quality products.

However, this is sometimes not true because there are times when a supposed cheap product happens to be the most effective, long-lasting and durable.

Consequently, below are some reasons why I recommend some cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria:

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  1. Cost Effective

We all might have experienced a situation where we purchased an expensive product, only to find out that it wasn’t practical.

Then a friend of ours recommends another product which is usually cheaper than the former. What they recommended works so well that you regret spending much money on the first product.

The result you are looking for in that extravagant bleaching creams is lying in some cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria.

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  1. Accessibility

This article is written to encourage you to go for the best and right bleaching creams. Although, it is known that some expensive bleaching creams in Nigeria might be far-fetched.

In contrast, there are effective cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria that you can get at a cosmetology store or certified pharmacy, depending on your preference.

  1. Chemical Composition

The chemical composition in some bleaching creams is allergy-inducing. If the chemical composition in a bleaching cream doesn’t sit well with your skin, whether the bleaching cream is cheap or expensive, you might not get your desired result.

Therefore, why not check out cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria whose chemical composition has been proven to be effective?

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10 Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria

1. Caro White Lightening Cream 

The popular Caro White is on top of our list of cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria. It has a fast-paced effect on the skin because it contains 2% hydroquinone.

Caro White cream gives a lighter skin colour within four days while used gently, giving a fair skin tone within two weeks. It is known to be one of the most potent and popular bleaching creams in Nigeria.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria

2. Fair and White Cream

The fair and White cream is a bleaching cream with fast action when appropriately used. Fair and White Cream also contains 2% hydroquinone.

Furthermore, extensive use of it can lead to the abrupt stop of melanin production on your skin.

Although excessive use of Fair and White Cream can lead to cancer due to some This is because some of the ingredients being carcinogenic. Please ensure you use it mildly.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria

3. Carotone

Thirdly, on our list of cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria is Carotone. Like the ones above, Carotene contains 2% hydroquinone.

To get an effective result, use it within 5-21 days. Although, consistent usage will leave you fair within five days.

Lastly, Carotone doesn’t cause clogging of skin pores, as it moisturizes, hydrates and brightens your skin.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria
  1. Piment Doux Lotion

Another cheap bleaching cream on our list is Piment Doux Lotion. It contains a small amount of Kojic acid and hydroquinone.

Use Piment Doux Lotion extensively if you want to get that desired results. Most importantly, there aren’t any side effects from using the Piment Doux Lotion.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria
  1. White Secret Body Lotion

White Secret Body Lotion is fortified with the bleaching power of hydroquinone and can make your skin light within 6-8 days of extensive usage. 

  1. Clinic Clear Whitening Cream

Have stubborn skin that doesn’t want to turn fair? Then, you must check out Clinic Clear Whitening cream, which will give you a brighter skin tone after using it extensively.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria
  1. Snail White Beauty Lotion

Snail White Beauty Lotion is one of the cheapest bleaching creams that you can find in Nigeria. Furthermore, it removes wrinkles and dark spots.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria


  1. Kojic Skin Lightening Cream

Kojic Skin Lightening Cream contains kojic acid and has no side effects when used extensively to lighten your skin tone.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria
  1. BB Clear Lightening Cream

BB Clear is a cheap bleaching cream in Nigeria that joins a combination of plant-based ingredients and chemically active ingredients to give you a light skin tone.

Also, BB Clear lightening cream is safe because the hydroquinone from Carrot oil present in the cream gives you the desired result.

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria
  1.  Bio Claire Lightening Cream

Bio Claire Lightening cream is an interesting cheap bleaching cream in Nigeria, as it does not contain hydroquinone. Yet, Bio Claire is highly effective due to its Bio-Vegetal Activator formula, which induces a lighter skin tone. 

Cheap Bleaching Creams in Nigeria

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We have ended this fantastic journey of checking out cheap bleaching creams in Nigeria. These creams are highly recommended and will surely give you the desired results you crave, so order the creams using the links provided. Remember to drop a comment as well as share it with friends.

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