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The Best Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones in Nigeria

Christmas Gifts in Nigeria

Since time immemorial, people have been celebrating Christmas by exchanging special tokens of affection with each other. While giving and receiving Christmas gifts has become a tradition in its own right especially during festive seasons such as Christmas in Nigeria.

Christmas is not far away and you still don’t know what to buy your loved ones in Nigeria? The good news is that Christmas presents can be nice and meaningful presents. Thou, the bad news is that it’s often hard to find presents that will be liked by everyone, no matter how close they are to you. In this article, I’ll give you some ideas on what to buy for your loved ones in Nigeria and in which situations these gifts will be appreciated the most.

Christmas Gifts Tips

Top Tips – What to Buy? The best presents come from your heart, not from a list. So give away something that you enjoy or treasure, as it is more memorable than any other present you could buy on a shopping list.

Consider buying experiences gifts like train tickets to faraway places, theatre tickets to see their shows or a luxury resort voucher. If you know their taste in fashion, go shopping with them and get them something they would genuinely like. If there’s an experience or hobby they’re into, try to find a kit that makes it easier to learn or do things together. Not only will these gifts put a smile on their faces when they open them but they’ll mean so much more too.

Why do people give Christmas gifts?

Christmas Gifts Melissa & Doug DOORBELL House new

Christmas gifts are given to show appreciation, love, and gratitude. It’s also a way for people to exchange things that they want but can’t buy for themselves. An act of kindness during this season is to give someone you care about something they would like without expecting anything in return.

Fashion Accessories Christmas Gifts

If you’re struggling to find a great gift for a loved one, consider looking into fashion. Fashion accessories make great gifts because they’re small and inexpensive, yet can make a big impact on any wardrobe.

Christmas Gifts

Luxury Fashion Necklace Earring Bracelet Ring Set Gold Color

Watch and braclet from Nigeria

Watch / Chain / Bracelet ( Iced Out Luxury 3-In-1 Silver )

New Fashion Luxury 925 Sterling Silver Tennis Women's Bracelets Bangle44

New Fashion Luxury 925 Sterling Silver Tennis Women’s Bracelets Bangle

If you want to give jewellery as a gift, look online at sites like Jumia or Konga, you’ll find all kinds of beautiful pieces that are easy on your wallet. For more specific tastes, type your choice of jewellery on the search bar. You could also opt to buy clothing or other goods through these vendors, it’s fast and easy just to type your size into their search bar.

Clothes as a Christmas Gift

You can always give your loved ones clothing items. For example, you can get a pretty dress shirt or a t-shirt that has pictures of their favourite celebrities on it. There are clothes online in Nigeria at affordable prices. All you have to do is find an online store and order whatever items your heart desires. These kinds of presents have been a tradition among Nigerians since time immemorial. Giving these presents will be sure to make your loved ones happy during the Christmas season every year. It’s good because they come at low costs and they will surely love what you bought them.

Women Christmas Costume& Cosplay Apparel

Women Christmas Costume & Cosplay Apparel

Christmas Sweater Festive Reindeer Snowflake Knitting Pullover White M

Christmas Sweater Festive Reindeer Snowflake Knitting Pullover White

Fashion T-Shirt Fashion Shirt Printed T-shirt Funny T Shirt Men's Kanye Saint Pablo Tour Shirt

Fashion Printed T-shirt Funny T-Shirt Men’s Kanye Saint Pablo Tour

Electronic Gifts

Buying electronics as a Christmas gift is a great way to give your loved ones a long-lasting present. Electronics are some of my favourite presents because you can buy tech accessories that people didn’t even know they wanted. Jumia has a great list of top electronics in Nigeria Click Here…. The question isn’t What do I want? Anymore, now it’s what don’t I have? Whether you buy them their first smartphone or get them an alarm clock for their bedroom, what really matters is that you get them something useful and on-brand with their lifestyle, just like with any other gift.

Portable Electronic 7.5L Cooling & warming Refrigerators

Portable Electronic 7.5L Cooling & warming Refrigerators

Christmas present for adult

Silver Christmas Ski For Kids and Adults. Big Ski Gl Snow Eyewears

Foldable Wifi Drone HD Camera Selfie Quadcopter 22

Foldable Wifi Drone HD Camera Selfie Quadcopter

With smartphones becoming increasingly affordable across Africa, it will soon be surprising if someone doesn’t own one in Nigeria or most African countries. And just imagine how cool it will feel to see your best friend’s face light up when he receives his new iWatch and maybe even borrows it every once in a while.

Gift for Kids

It is never too early to start planning Christmas gifts for kids. While some parents will wait until closer to Christmas to start thinking about what their children might like, others like to begin shopping well ahead of time. While it can be more convenient and less stressful if you wait, you don’t want your child(ren) receiving presents on December 25th that they won’t enjoy. Once you know what your children want, it will be easier to plan out when to shop and which vendors have items available. Below are some suggestions that might help get your own ideas flowing.

Remote Control Scale 1:18 Model Toy Car

Remote Control Scale 1:18 Model Toy Car

Melissa & Doug DOORBELL House new

Melissa & Doug doorbell house. With 4 electronic doorbell sounds, 4 unique locks with matching keys, and 4 pose-able play people. 

Size 4 Soccer Football For Kids

Size 4 Soccer Football For Kids

For little girls, one idea is a dollhouse with furniture or dollhouse accessories such as beds or food. Of course, if your daughter doesn’t yet have any dolls or toys that she loves, getting her one could also work well. Giving a boy child age 6-14 a football is a great way to help them unwind and be active. It’s also a good exercise that’s a low impact on their joints, so it can aid in building healthy bones. There are several brands of footballs designed specifically for children, so you can choose one made from soft material that won’t hurt if kicked hard.

Lastly, we recommend sending gift cards and/or money so that your loved ones can select something just right for themselves or a family member or friend they would like to buy a gift for.

Christmas Gift for your Wife in Nigeria

I want to buy my wife a nice gift. Something beautiful she will cherish and use forever, something she won’t feel like getting rid of after just a couple of weeks. How do I know what to get her? Some people might say flowers or jewellery, but these are temporary gifts that may cost you too much money without actually meaning anything to her.

Yves Saint Laurent Lady's Designer Bag

Fluffy beautiful Yves Saint Laurent Lady’s Designer Bag.

Supreme Quality Thailand Diamond Plated Exotic Ladies Super Bling Iced Complete 4 In 1 Jewelry Set

Supreme Quality Thailand Diamond Plated Complete 4 In 1 Jewelry Set

Olevs 【Cupid's Arrow Of Love】 Women's Fashion Watch Christmas Gift Set-2

Olevs Cupid’s Arrow Of Love Women’s Fashion Watch Christmas Gift Set-2

That’s why you need to give her an unforgettable experience as one of your Christmas presents from your heart. A weekend away from all your hustle and bustle would mean so much more than any material gift. It would be an opportunity for the both of you to really connect again and that goes far beyond a strand of beads or some roses.

Finally, Christmas is a special time of the year, if you find this article helpful, please leave a comment below to help us improve.

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