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The Best Face Cream For Fairness in Nigeria 

 Searching for the best face cream in Nigeria? Then this article is for you. Fair skin is beautiful, One way to maintain fair skin is by using the right face cream. We all dream of healthy skin, and using the face cream that will be listed will help us achieve a healthy-looking complexion all year.

Best Face Cream in Nigeria 

   Face creams have over time dominated the market, but only a few have been considered the best face cream for fairness.  This cream has helped resolve facial discomfort over the years, ranging from scars to wrinkles, and dark spots. Adding that special glow and fairness to the skin.

 Our list below will provide you with all the relevant details for fairness, that will bring out that touch of glow without causing any effect. While researching, we encourage you to consider this listed face cream among your buy list to get a brief idea of face cream for fairness.

JRA Facial Cream

  JRA facial cream is a spot-removal face cream that guarantees facial clarity from burns, pimples, wrinkles and dark spots. It lightens and glows the skin, I recommend these to your list.

JRA  best face cream

Veet Gold Face Cream 

      This cream specializes in protecting its user from sun rays and burns. It is rear to find because it contains vitamin and herbal extracts that lightens the skin, and deals with any skin discomfort.

Paw Paw Cream 

      Paw Paw cream offers your skin all the necessary vital touches needed for your skin to glow. It specializes in providing solutions to dry skin and smoothening the texture of the skin, especially for ageing skin.

Pawpaw cream

CeraVe Cream 

       Cerave is unique for its ability to satisfy all skin: oily, dry, and hydrated. It offered complete line cleanser, wrinkles removal, and moisturizes the skin 

Cerave cream

Fair and white gold 2 Tone lotion 

      If your skin is quickly fading away, then this is the best cream to revive your body. It helps in reducing ageing skin, wrinkles, and facial lines. It has some nice scents as well.

Fair and white gold

Neutrogena hydro boost cream 

      This gel cream is ideal for those who want to moisturize their skin because when applied it instantly softens and nourishes the skin. It supports both facial and body use, to add to healthy skin.

Neutrogena hydro boost

Names of Cream for fair complexion 

     Fair skin is delicate and reserved with a sensitive surface that requires care and attention. As a guy or lady with fair skin, it is required of you to make use of the best cream, and soap and always stick with the one that fits your skin.

    However, there are some effective creams that meet up with their quality as the best cream for fair skin in Nigeria.

  • Jergens Natural Glow 
  •  Aveeno Body lotion 
  •  Olay White Radiance 
  •  Fair and white gold 2 
  •  Bismid Cream 
  •  Fair & Brite cream 
  •  Nivea extra whitening cream 
  •  Dove cream

Types of Face Cream for Women 

Due to the delicate nature of woman and their skin, we have sorted out some of the best face creams for women, Before little skin issues turn out to worst nightmare.

These creams are:

  • Retinol Cream 
  •  Vitamin C brighten and anti-Aging Cream 
  •  Summer face cream 
  •  Winter face cream 
  •  Nutritive face cream 
  •  Beauty cream

Retinol Cream:

     This product has anti-ageing effects and can help clear Acne. Retinol makes your skin more sensitive to UV rays and exposure to sunlight decreases the efficacy. Retinol products come in three strengths 0.3%, 0.5%, and 1% allowing you to maintain and understand the improvement on your skin.

   Some Retinol creams include Olay Regenerist retinol 24 and Neutrogena rapid wrinkle regenerating cream.

Vitamin C brightens and anti-Aging:

      This class of product is mostly referred to as Dr Rashei’s vitamin C brightens and anti-ageing cream contains vitamin C and stimulates collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and fine lines and brighten the complexion.

     List of a few creams under this, Vitamin C face nourishing, Dr Rashei vitamin c brighten and anti-ageing, shun vitamin c face serum.

Summer face cream 

     You will agree with me that when the summer season comes it can turn horrible for some people due to the intensity of the UV rays emitted. Thanks to some amazing creams that can reduce the effect of the summer period. This excess heat and humidity can cause skin problems, such as skin burns, premature ageing, and rashes.

Some creams that help during such days include Neutrogena hydro boost, and Olay professional pro hydra firming cream.

Winter face cream 

     Winter is that time of the year when while enjoying the season, your body doesn’t due to the weather because it causes dryness of the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated all winter, with some amazing cream products can be a great deal of help 

If you are looking for some winter face cream, then this list is for you. Clarins hydra essential rich cream, Cerave moisturizing cream, Ordinary Natural moisturizing cream.

Nutritive face cream

    Nutritive cream supplies moisture to dry areas of your face, this nutritive cream fights ageing wrinkles and brightens the skin, it can be used under any weather condition mostly at night. It contains coconut oil, Neroli oil, Orange blossom water, and virgin oil.

Dove cream

 Dove cream is an amazing product that comes in different sizes and qualities. It nourishes the body, skin, and face and adds an extra touch to the skin’s brightness. When using this, be rest assured that your day is covered with a fully moisturized body.

Cream for Fair Skin without bleaching 

     The desire to have beautiful and tender skin is a mindset that doesn’t grow old. Some creams have been produced to suit fair skin without bleaching them. We have taken time to research some creams for fair skin without bleaching or excessively turning them white. 

Jergens Carrot body lotion 

     Jergens is enriched with vitamins C, and E and natural carrot extract that contributes greatly to the skin, lightening up the skin make it brighter without bleaching the skin. It is made up of water, carrot extract, stearic Acid, Glycerine, Vitamin A, B, E and B5, Antioxidant and fragrance 

This cream is cheap considering its size and its effectiveness on the skin 

Jergens fairness body cream

Serial white Exclusive lighten lotion 

    This cream is considered one of the best for fair skin people without bleaching them. It comes in 450ml and is formulated with the best natural moisturizer and spot removal to help preserve your skin and keep it glowing all day.

Serial white cream

Skin Magnet lightening lotion 

    Just as the name implies, it’s made for people with sensitive skin, it lightens and brightens the skin, and can be used for dark, fair and natural skin, it comes in 250ml.

Skin magnet

Bismid Cream 

   This cream is very effective such that within a short period, it makes the skin light, and bright and reduces discolouration. It helps whiten the skin tone, fights against brown spots and improves skin texture. With regular usage of this cream, within 7 days it turns your skin complexion around.

Bismid cream

The side effect of using bleaching cream 

 Skin bleaching refers to the use of a designed product that lightens dark areas of the skin. This can be achieved using creams, soap and pills.

There are no actual health benefits regarding the use of bleaching cream, rather it may result in serious health issues. It is important to understand some side effects of using bleaching cream.

  • exposes the skin to ultraviolet rays from the sun.
  •  It can lead to skin redness 
  •  Constant use of bleaching cream can lead to difficulty in the skin being set together after childbirth.
  •  When used on the skin for a long period can lead to Acne, infection and inflammation.
  •  Bleaching causes scarring and skin thinning.


The face cream has contributed greatly to a wide number of people. Some have caused more harm than good over the years but with the knowledge shared, using the right creams that suit fair complexion has become easier.

 If you find this article useful, you can leave a comment or share your thought on more solutions.

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