The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria

The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria

“Kukuruku, cook that thing, badman looking good in Dior”. We can all remember this famous line from one particular hit song, right? Today, we are going to site-see some amazing Men’s and Women’s Dior Clothes in Nigeria. Therefore, welcome to the Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria. Christian Dior high-end luxury fashion generally known as Dior has lots of ready-to-wear clothes that will make you drip to the core. 

When it comes to fashion, please leave it for Nigerians. They don’t play while showing off their unique taste in clothes and fashion.

 Although, Dior is a high-end luxury fashion house in Paris, you can see Dior clothes rocked by Nigerias to parties, clubs,  events and shows. Speaking of show-off, leave it for my Nigerian brothers and sisters. 

Dior clothes are available for both men and women. Dior boasts an amazing collection of shirts, trousers, skirts,  blouses, shorts, gowns, cardigans, and sweatshirts

Materials used in making Dior Clothes in Nigeria

The materials used in making Dior clothes are of the finest quality. They are all sourced from around the world and are usually made in Italy and France.

Different materials such as wool, cotton, silk, polyester, and nylon are used to make Dior’s clothing. These materials are chosen based on the season or weather conditions in Nigeria. For instance, during the rainy season, wool is used to make the clothes because it is cold, as it will keep you warm even if you are outside for a long time.

Men’s Dior Clothes in Nigeria 

Firstly, your sole responsibility as a guy is never to be caught unfresh. Dior amazes me, when it comes to men’s fashion, Dior amazes me. One popular Dior men’s fashion in Nigeria is Dior t-shirts. Although you can get other fashion wear such as joggers, sweatshirts, tracksuits, cardigans,  hoodies, shorts, and trousers. 


The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria


The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria


The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria


The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria

Dior Clothes for Women 

This is where I get jealous all the time. The details and efforts Dior puts into making women’s wear, are enough reason for any woman to break the bank or any man to be “carried to places, where he does not know when shopping for his woman”. Dior women’s fashion is available in different materials such as silk, wool, and cotton. I love the fact that there are options for women such as sweaters, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, denim dresses, jackets, gowns, and coats. 


The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria


The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria


The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria

Latest 2022 Dior Fashion Style

With Christmas fast approaching, I am super excited about the festive period, because I get to choose and wear my Christmas clothes. Selecting Dior clothes in Nigeria during Christmas can be overwhelming and hectic because there are many styles and combinations you can try out. Without much further ado, let’s begin this wonderful journey of the latest 2022 Dior fashion style, so we can draw inspiration for our Christmas clothes. 

The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria
The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria
The Best Review of Dior Clothes in Nigeria

How to tell a Fake or Original Dior Shirt 

To be honest, no one deserves to spend so much on Dior clothes, and still end up getting a fake one. That’s an expensive breakfast in clothes. The Bible Says, “Be your brother’s keeper”, and that’s why I am going to share some tips on how to tell fake or genuine Dior clothes. Trust me, after reading the tips, your friends should just give you the overall best award in telling fake or genuine Dior clothes in Nigeria. 

Dior Clothes in Nigeria

The price tag for Dior Clothes in Nigeria

Original Dior clothes in Nigeria come with a tag attached via a pin to the label at the back of the neck. The tag is folded in two, and shouldn’t contain any writing on the inside. There’s a bar code outside of the tag, which when scanned with a QR reader should match either the price or the style number. 


The Dior logo is always stitched perfectly, with flawless embroidery and letters in a line. Any irregularity in the font or writing is a red flag. The stitching and over-locking in the seams should be neat and even, with no abnormalities or hanging thread. 

Size tag 

The original Dior shirts will often have a small size label stitched into the overlooking of the seam separately upon the shoulder. Size is never written on a size tag next to the care label. 

Neck Label

An original Dior shirt will have the label sewn along the top, at the two top corners, but not down the sides. Uneven in the tension or length of the sewing is also a sign of a fake Dior shirt. 


Fake Dior shirts will often be made out of a cheaper fabric, that will stretch more than the original one. Also, some might be polyester, when the care tag says it’s 100% cotton. Those are the ones, you have to run from. 


What a journey, right? I care about your drip, so this article was written with all my heart and inspired by the motivation to make you always look good in Dior, and effortlessly drip to the core. Good luck with slaying your Dior clothes! 

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