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The Best Review of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is an unusual fragrance that is sweet and fresh on top, dry and masculine at the base. If you’re looking for an ideal gift for a man or woman in your life, even something that expresses your style, this could be it. It’s also one of the most popular fragrances on the market today. This fragrance can serve as an excellent starting point if you’re trying to decide what new scent to pick up next.

tom ford tobacco vanille by Tom Ford

About The Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille Brand

Tom Ford is an icon in both high fashion and fragrances. His brands have many iconic scents used by celebrities and movie stars. The Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille offers a blend of tobacco and vanilla, creating a warmed masculine scent that’s perfect for any man to wear all year round. This fragrance also comes in a roll-on version, which makes it easy to apply when you need it most. This fragrance is perfect for casual wear or special occasions because it smells nice on both men and women. If you’re looking for something warm and unique, Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille might be right up your alley.

The Specific Fragrance of Tobacco Vanille

Tobacco Vanille is a unisex scent from one of American finest perfumers, Tom Ford. The best word to describe it would be pungent. Tobacco Vanille is considered part of his Velvet collection. This cologne is overpowering strong, with both notes being present at all times throughout its duration (6-8 hours). It’s definitely more suited for men in my opinion, but women can pull it off as well if they’re into heavy scents. I also noticed that one spray lasts me all day, so I don’t have to worry about reapplying every few hours.

It has longevity, which is something you should expect from an expensive designer fragrance. It’s not too sweet or t spicy; it smells sophisticated and elegant. It does smell unique and nothing else really compares to it in my opinion. I’ve tried many other fragrances by Tom Ford, and although some are good, none of them stuck out to me as much as Tobacco Vanille did. If you want something different yet classy, then go ahead and try this perfume out.

Notes of Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

This fragrance by Tom Ford is a masterpiece, and as we all know, he prides himself on the creativity and sophistication of his fragrances. In Tobacco Vanille, you get a scent that combines the best of warm, sweet tobacco with tonka bean, vanilla and amber. Notes of spicy carnation give way to the heart notes of orange blossom, cinnamon and pepper. Then the base notes of cedarwood and patchouli come into play to complete the sensory experience that is Tobacco Vanille from Tom Ford.


Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is recommendable for men who want to create an impression on others. This cologne has a lot of unique and spicy notes that make it stand out. The fragrance is aromatic dry down and a definite buy for men and women who love tobacco fragrances. In conclusion, we think that buying Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille is worth your money because of its uniqueness. We also recommend you wear it if you want to smell nice and leave a great impression on people around you.

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