How to write a letter

The Best Ways on How to Write a Letter from Home

How to write a letter

It is vital to know that writing a letter is a skill that, when mastered appropriately, can leave the recipient with a positive impression of you. Letter writing has evolved over the years, and it has now been made easier to send through email, text, and postcards. In this article, I will discuss how to write a letter, the types of letters, and the forms of letters.

How To Write a letter

What is a letter?

A letter is a different composition of the alphabet that sums up words, making a group of sentences that is used to convey a written message from one person to another.

Letter writing is simply the act of putting down words in a written form for communication between two people.

How to write a letter

Types of letter 

There are mainly two types of letters identified:

Formal letter 

A formal letter is usually structured with the formal language used in a workspace or business place and is straight to the point.

This kind of letter has rules guiding it, such as: 

  • Two addresses
  • A heading 
  • Salutation
  • Professional body 
  • End (for example Yours sincerely, faithfully, thanks)

Examples of a formal letter include Job/School application letter, Acceptance letter, Cover letter, Agreement letter, Recommendation letter etc.

Informal letter 

Informal letters are usually casual letters, without many rules, it is a friendly letter written to friends and relatives for personal communication.

Examples of informal letters include: Appreciation letters, Thank you letters, Thinking of you/ Love letters etc.

How to write a letter

How to write a formal letter

A few steps one can take to write a professional letter have been identified below. These include:

Use the right format 

The writer must know the right format they desire to use. If it’s a formal letter or informal letter it should begin with the appropriate format. Then the fonts and every necessary rule should be followed to achieve the best at the end of writing.

Sender’s address 

The sender’s address is located at the right top of the letter, including: street address, City, State, Country and date.

Recipient address 

Immediately after the sender’s address, a line is skipped before the recipient/receiver’s full address is located on the left-hand side, which includes the full name of the company, city and state.


A line is skipped before this is written, it is located immediately below the recipient address. You can use Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs, last name or Sir/Ma. 


Below the salutation is your heading, pointing out what you desire to write about. It can be in two formats, capital letters or small letters that is underlined. It is usually simple with not more than six words.

How to write the body of the letter 

Writing the body of your letter is generally simply because it is broken down into parts. Each thought should carry a new line.

The body of your letter has to begin with a paragraph, then stating who you are. The next paragraph should carry your reason for writing the letter, and then the last part is the round-up/close of your letter and your expectation.

Complimentary close 

 A complimentary close is written in the right corner, below the body of the letter. There is always a comma after such as: Sincerely, Regards and Truly.

Signature & Name 

When writing a formal letter it’s advisable to insert your signature, and the next line your full name with a full stop. 

How to write a letter

How to write an informal letter 

Writing an informal letter is way easier without rules like the formal letter. Below are simple steps to write an informal letter: 

  • Choose the right format 
  • Write your address 
  • Write the recipient’s address 
  • Your salutation/Greetings
  • The body of the letter 
  • Complimentary close 

Forms of letter writing 

We will look at four different forms of letter: 

Employment letter 

Employment letters are letters directed to a particular company or administration concerning an employment process, such as application and promotion letters.

Business letter 

Business letters are always formal and written among or within big companies that respond to quotations, complaints, orders and claims.

Official letter 

Official letters are also formal letters mainly used in a workspace to pass important notices, rules, and events within an office either from the head office to its branches.

Circular letter 

There are mainly used to pass information to a large number of people. 

How to write a letter

How to improve your letter writing skills 

  • Think about the structure of your letter 
  • Always review your grammar and spelling 
  • Improve your daily reading skill 
  • Look for already written letters 
  • Keep your paragraph simple and clear to understand 
  • Get a good editor 
  • Proofread your work


There is no better time to learn how to write a letter and become good at letter writing than now because sending letters has become easier with the introduction of electronic mail and text. A letter can help you leave a positive impression on your recipient.

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