Christmas Trees

The Most Beautiful Christmas Trees for your Homes in Nigeria

Christmas and Christmas Trees in Nigeria

For me, Christmas trees are the best part of Christmas and I just love decorating mine every year with all sorts of beautiful ornaments. It’s so fun to think about what types of Christmas trees I’ll get this year, and to search high and low for ones that will be perfect for my home in Nigeria. Hopefully, this article will various trees and where to buy Christmas trees in Nigeria.

Christmas is a day marked to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is usually on the 25th of December every year. People decorate their homes with green plants and flowers, as a symbol of eternal life. These plants are referred to as Christmas trees and they bring good tidings. Because of their popularity during festivals like Christmas and New Year’s Day, many households are purchasing real or artificial trees for home decoration.

The use of these Trees is sometimes for religious ceremonies. Various types of trees have even become symbols of Christianity around the world.

What is Christmas tree ?

Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas and its Christian meaning. It’s also one of the most popular traditions in celebrating Christmas. A tall evergreen tree is often cut down and brought indoors to adorn with decorative lights, ornaments, and presents underneath. It has become a typical decoration for the winter holiday season in many countries around the world.

Types of Christmas Trees

There are various types of Christmas trees depending on the region. The most common tree is pine. It is dark green and in some regions, it can reach a height of 30 to 45 feet (9.1 to 13.7 m). Other trees like spruce, fir and redwood can also be used as decorations during Christmas time. They all have different attributes but they are mostly used for decoration purposes and not as a gift or sign of respect or love to anyone around you. However, one could use any variety that is readily available in his region if he/she prefers.

You might already know what Christmas trees are and how they look like. But do you know what makes them beautiful? From the pictures below, you will see why they say Christmas never looked so good with these beauties that come straight from nature’s garden.

But what tree fits best in Nigeria? Well, that depends on whether you want an evergreen tree or an artificial one. Let’s talk about them both.

Evergreen Christmas Tree

Real trees are also known as evergreens, they are cut from living forests, where every living thing depends on them for survival during their growing season. Birds and animals depend on them for food and shelter during the winter months when food sources are scarce. From a scientific perspective, everything about real trees contributes positively to sustaining life.

Christmas trees in Nigeria

Pine Christmas Tree – 6FT Green Colours

The Christmas Tree is 6inches Tall and has an iron stand. Our Christmas Tree gives a True feel of Christmas.

Features of Evergreen Trees

They absorb carbon dioxide (the main culprit behind global warming) and give off oxygen during photosynthesis. They create shade, keeping us cool in summer and warm in winter. With a little care, they will last longer than any fake tree could ever hope to emulate. And then there’re aesthetics, nothing compares with seeing nature’s own work of art taking place right in your home.

Evergreens can stay green all year long in most places. They’re perfect for areas with four seasons, but also lovely to look at no matter where you live. Whether you like flocked trees or those that are clear of ornamentation is a personal choice, as are size and form (conical vs. pyramidal).

They’re available with tinsel or without it. You may want to consider adding lights if there aren’t any on your tree already. It’s important to make sure these trees are real. Some faux evergreens don’t come pre-lit and getting tiny little lights up their spindly branches isn’t easy, so they might not be a great option.

5ft Christmas Tree for Office

Green 5ft Christmas Tree

This 5ft Ordinary Christmas tree, is a lovely tree, is good for office and other places like church, hotel, reception and other places.  You need to see this lovely tree this season.  Beautify your home and environment with beautiful Christmas trees and accessories.

Taking Care of Evergreen Christmas Trees

Choosing a Christmas tree for your home is just half of the battle. To enjoy your time with it, you have to keep it well-watered. First and foremost, make sure your tree is always in a stand that can hold at least one gallon of water, depending on how large your tree is, that might mean multiple stands. The kind of stand you choose depends on whether or not you’ll be putting lights in your tree.

If you do plan to put lights up, opt for something sturdy with a lid so water doesn’t leak out. If not, any dish or vase will work. Fill your container with water and add ice as needed to keep things cool.

Make sure that when you go to sleep each night, you set out a fresh batch of ice (and maybe even change out some of the old ice), otherwise, it could cause stress on your tree or result in early death if left unchecked. You should also replace about 1/4 cup of water per day just to make sure nothing bad happens because some escaped from your container.

7ft Christmas White Christmas Tree

7ft Christmas White Christmas Tree

This unique Christmas Tree is white and 7 feet tall. It is very full, beautiful and has an iron stand.

Artificial Trees

These are the most used Christmas trees in Nigeria. An artificial Christmas tree or better known as an artificial tree and is a man-made object resembling a pine tree used as a decoration for Christmas. Artificial trees are manufactured mostly from plastic. Depending on type and use, they can be indoor or outdoor products. Types of artificial trees range from delicate to extravagant. These Christmas trees provide an affordable alternative to their natural counterparts (and they don’t have needles either).

This type of tree is often more convenient than real ones because they don’t require watering and set-up time is much shorter. Some models even come partially assembled. While artificial trees do lose some aesthetic appeal once decorated, that doesn’t mean they won’t still be stunning. If you choose carefully, you can find one just as beautiful as a real-life tree. Plus, keep in mind you can add accessories such as snow domes or fibre optic lights to really enhance your decoration possibilities.

4ft Christmas Tree in Nigeria

4ft Green Christmas Tree

It’s the special season of the year again!! Accentuate your home, offices and environs with the best decoration to show your taste and love for the Yuletide.

Artificial Christmas trees are usually made with PVC plastic. These plastics can off-gas for a year or more, meaning that for up to a year, you are breathing in toxins from these trees. This is because these artificial trees do not biodegrade easily, and therefore do not compost quickly like natural trees. Instead, they linger for many years after use. Now that we are through with toxicity, let’s move on to scent. Obviously, fresh pine smells best but artificial trees usually come with sweet scents too which work pretty well too, and they last longer.

Knowing the Difference Between Artificial and Real Tree

Every year millions of men and women go out looking for good quality Christmas Trees. These people often end up disappointed because it has become rather difficult to find a good quality tree at a low cost especially for those living in big cities like Lagos. This does not mean you cannot get one, though you can buy one of our affordable trees and get it delivered in record time.

So if you are planning to buy one and have not decided on how you are going to get it home, here are some tips. How do I know if I’m buying an artificial or real Christmas tree?

10ft Christmas Trees

10ft Christmas Tree

The hinged branches are easy to assemble, this can become your holiday centrepiece for years to come. Its full shape will hold light strings and ornaments with equal ease. It includes a metal tree stand.

Here is how you check; Fake plastic green needles will bend backwards easily between your fingers, while pine needles are difficult to bend. It’s also helpful to look at its base; a fresh tree will have a tapered bottom and look quite healthy, with hardly any brown dried needles. Finally, lift the bottom branches, if it stays erect instead of flopping over, chances are it’s fresh. How do I care for my Christmas Tree? Giving your Christmas tree proper care ensures that you’ll have many more wonderful holiday seasons using it as part of your decorating theme.

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