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Zino by Davidoff EDT – The Best Perfume of the 80s

Zino by Davidoff eau de Toilette

Over the years, Zino by Davidoff has become one of the most famous and popular fragrances in the world. It’s made by Zino Davidoff, based in Geneva, Switzerland, and it’s actually been around for over 3 decades (1986). When it was first released, the fragrance only came in one style ie eau de Toilette Spray. It is packaged in a simple black bottle with a yellow cap.

The nose behind Zino by Davidoff is Michel Almairac, born in Grasse, France in 1953. He attended perfumery school at Roure Bertrand Dupont (now part of Givaudan). Zino has been one of their best-selling fragrances from day one and continues to be very popular till today. One of my favourite thing about Zino is that it smells great on everyone. Although there are notes that women often enjoy in Zino (like Rose, Lavender), I tend to wear it more often because I think it smells wonderful on me personally.

Zino by Davidoff eau de toilette for men

The Zino by Davidoff EDT Ingredients

Zino Davidoff eau de toilette spray is more of a traditional scent with an old-school feel to it. It’s actually in three different elements. Which are the top note (the first smell you notice), heart note (the main smell throughout wearing it) and base note (the lingering smell).

Zino is well popular among perfume lovers because of its focus on high-quality ingredients rather than cheap frills. Its core value is an intense respect for nature, which leads to carefully research of natural ingredients. Firstly, the top notes are Bergamot, Basil, Brazilian Rosewood, Lavender and Clary Sage, while the middle notes are Rose, Geranium, Jasmine and Lily-of-the-Valley. Finally, the base notes are Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Cedar. This masculine scent possesses a blend of fresh scents. It is recommended for daytime wear.

Why do men still wear Zino Davidoff ?

The same reason they wore it in the 80s and is because of its simplicity and timeless fragrance. It’s not super heavy or aggressive, you can wear it in most outings and with most outfits without overpowering yourself or anyone else. This makes Zino an ideal everyday fragrance, it is the kind of cologne you can wear during work hours when you want to smell great but don’t want to draw attention to yourself. Plus, with its warm, spicy scent that contains hints of Rose, Lavender and Vanilla that give men a luxury smell. This is why guys have been wearing it since long before some of us were born.

Zino by Davidoff is meant to have a long-lasting effect on your skin. You can enjoy it when you go out with friends, clients or simply when you want to feel more confident in yourself. So why should you choose Zino Davidoff EDT? Well, one reason is that its rich history and exotic ingredients make it distinct from other fragrances in its category. This brand has undergone no changes over time but remains very popular today because of its classic scents and interesting packaging options, not to mention world-class customer service.

How Long does the Zino Davidoff EDT Last ?

Zino Davidoff perfume has a mild to moderate sillage with an average longevity of around 4-7 hours. A woman can detect traces of Zino on her man even after they have spent time together all day long. This is one of those perfumes that require little or no reapplication during their lifecycle. The best time to apply Zino is just before heading out for an appointment or date, so you can enjoy its fragrance all through your date night.

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