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The Best Smart Wrist Watches you can Buy

Some people might be wondering, why is a wrist watch smart? Do we really need it? Does it have any positive effect in our lives? There are so many reasons to have smart wrist watches. With these features of this watch, you will consider buying one for yourself.

Features of Smart Wrist Watches

  • It has a high definition touch screen, which provides excellent quality display effects and brings a new visual experience. The watch supports 6 level brightness adjustment. You can choose a display brightness that suits you to protect your eye. If you want to change your watch face, we provide a variety of watch faces, you can also customize your favourite watch face, with the watch’s screen display effect, which will make your watch more unique.
  • It has a Tracker that is equipped with a new generation of optical sensors, which can monitor your heart rate in real-time throughout the day. The high-efficiency sleep sensor can monitor sleep status (deep sleep, light sleep and wake up time), and provide comprehensive sleep quality analysis (one day, one week, one month), and you can formulate scientific work and rest time based on accurate data.
  • This wristwatch can be your Fitness Watch, it supports multiple sports modes, such as walking, cycling, skipping rope, badminton, basketball and football, etc. When you turn on the sports mode, it will automatically track your daily data, such as steps, heart rate, calories burned, distance moved, etc. You can formulate the correct exercise plan based on the data obtained to stimulate your potential and breakthrough yourself time and time again.
  • The Activity Tracker supports IP68 waterproof, so you can avoid sweat during your exercise, and will not be damaged by rain in bad weather. Due to the excellent power-saving technology, the watch can last for 5 to 7 days of long term use. When you are not using it, it can last for 30 days of standby, and it only takes 1 hour to fully charge it. You can stay away from the trouble of lack of electricity.
  • This watch has multiple functions, such as Music and Camera Control, Brightness Adjustment, Weather Display, Sedentary and Water Drink Reminder, Menstrual Cycle Reminder, Gmail, Alarm Clock, Stopwatch, Find Watch. You Open the notification permission in the HeroBand III application, and you can also receive calls, text messages, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and other notifications on the watch.
Smart wrist watch

Take Note of This When You Buy This Smart Watch

  • When you first receive the product, please charge it for 2 hours before use, the Watch cannot be turned on, please charge it first. 
  • Useful for almost all sports activities.
  • Do not wear it while sleeping.
  • Supports both Android and IOS. However, the adaptation platform supports Version 4.2 and above for Androids

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