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The Best Affordable Cheap Perfumes for Men

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Top 11 Best Affordable Perfumes for Men

Best cheap perfumes for men can help you make a fashion statement that’s not too loud nor too quiet. It’s subtle yet pleasing enough to make you stand out and look good. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be too expensive so that you won’t feel guilty using it. So, if you want to buy affordable perfumes for young men, here are my top picks.

Adidas Victory League Cologne For Men

The Adidas Victory League Cologne is considered by many to be the best affordable perfumes available in the market. For many people, it’s a fragrance that reminds them of their youth, the days when they were able to wear soccer uniforms without worrying about getting stinking and sweating like the rest of the world. So, if you’re going to wear this fragrance you better be prepared to show the world your age, because the scent is not only for the young and handsome, it’s for anyone who wants to smell great and ready to purchase a product.

The perfume is a blend of mostly citrus notes with other ingredients that give it a slightly woody scent. It’s best for day-to-day use, but if you’re planning to attend a soccer game, you should probably go ahead and pack your bottles away because this isn’t the type of perfume you want to wear during important games.

We’ve seen some incredible scents from some of the greatest legends in the game. Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo and George Best all have released their versions over time.

Franck Olivier Blue Touch EDT For Men

The Great Franck Olivier is the creator of two very popular and best-selling fragrances, which are the Franck Olivier for Men and for Women. The name Franck is a combination of two Greek words which mean Hope and Light. When you spray Franck’s men’s Cologne on, you are instantly greeted with a magnificent and delicate scent that is full of hope. If you are looking for a great scent to wear that is rich in history, romance and refinement then this affordable perfume is the brand for you.

The essences contained in Franck’s fragrance range include a variety of flowers, fruits, spices, woods, fruits, honey and leather. All of these essences and their variations have been carefully chosen to create a fragrance that is unique and extraordinary.

Blue Touch Cologne for Men combines a beautiful floral fragrance with a strong and exotic oriental twist. The romantic and sophisticated scent of this scent will make you feel like a man in love. This Cologne smells of oak, vanilla, honey, musk and sandalwood. You will love this scent when you wear it. If you want a scent that will bring out the romance and desire in you, then you should definitely wear Franck’s for men’s Cologne.

Cool Water By Davidoff For Men

The Cool Water By Davidoff for Men is a great summer scent, that has a wonderful light scent that lingers on your skin. As it lingers, the scent of Cool Water By Davidoff For Men reminds you of the warm ocean water, the gentle breeze and the suntans you. This light scent compliments your natural scent, leaving you smelling great. It does not overpower your scent and gives you the scent of Cool Water Cologne without being too strong. It also doesn’t give you a heavy scent.

Davidoff For Men Cool Water Cologne is a refreshing fragrance that can be worn on any type of occasion. It is light, fresh and smells just like what you imagine a good summer scent should smell like. The history of Cool Water is interesting because it first became popular in the 1940s, which became a successful marketing campaign for the brand.

Its scent is based on the citrusy scent of lemon, lime and lavender. The fragrance that is used in this Cologne is sweet, floral and very unique. It is a highly sought-after scent that is offered at a retail price that is much lower than other fragrance Cologne scents available in the market.

New Musk For Men by Prince

New Musk in the perfume line by Prince Matchebelli is a very attractive fragrance. This product reminds one of the scented balls. The fragrance reveals exotic sensual energy, attractive musk smell with its warm earthy fragrance is an auriferous enchanter. It has a unique and exotic blend of musk and the rosewood creates a captivating fragrance.

The scent line includes an alluring Cologne and lotion, colognes and moisturizers, shaving creams and gels, face and body powder, shampoos and conditioners. New Musk luxurious fragrance can revitalize your moods and make them look fresh and young. The aromas are blended with other exotic ingredients that give a lot of moisture and body to the hair.

With the use of natural ingredients, this perfume by Prince has been created with utmost perfection and reliability. The unique blend of these ingredients gives a refreshing effect, that makes the user feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a long day’s work. New Musk powerful natural aroma components used have been selected with care to make sure that the users do not face any allergy problems.

SOS Creations Axis Eau de Toilette

For years Sos has been known for making the best bath products on the market. The recipes that they use for their creations are all made from natural ingredients including many plants and fruits. The scent that is provided when using Sos creations is very unique, and unlike any other scent that you will find, it has signature scents and can take you all day long.

Sos has taken the scents of love, passion and femininity and transformed them into one powerful scent that women will surely love. They have also taken the time to create a lotion and body splash that will go great in any bathroom.

When it comes to SOS creations, you will find that their line of products is all about creating great smells that appeal to men. Whether it is a perfume, lotion, or body splash SOS creations have something for just about everyone. From their original Axis Eau de toilette that launched back in 1996, to their newest creation such as the Axis Eau De Toilette, it is filled with beautiful natural ingredients and floral scents, that is designed to provide the consumer with an amazing aroma.

Giorgio Black Eau de Parfum

Giorgio Black Eau de Parfum is undoubtedly a work of art. The scent description promises to be both refreshing and alluring. It says so much with such a simple word, but does it deliver? History is filled with instances when beautiful scents were misinterpreted, misunderstood, or even hated due to one tiny but important misstep, so will this be the case for Giorgio Scottesino Eau De Parfum?

While the packaging is simple, the scent itself is something altogether different. Upon opening the bottle, the scent is almost pungent and heady, similar to the Eau De Scents. When taking a sniff, the fragrance seems to be alluring, almost flowery.

After further testing, I discovered that the scent is made up of primarily a blend of crystalline floral ingredients, with a smaller amount of fruit and herbal aromatics. Giorgio Black Eau De Parfum smells like a mixture of exotic and sophisticated, with a background of rich, woodsy and earthy ingredients.

Avon Full Speed Eau de Toilette

Avon Full Speed Eau De Toilette by Suzie is an ultra-masculine scent that lasts all day. The scent is light and fresh, and the ingredients used, give it a very subtle clean scent. It’s so smooth, you’d never guess it’s one of the most powerful fragrances on the market. This product contains all the great ingredients that every man loves to smell like: Ylang, rose, ginger, white pepper, cinnamon, honey, lavender, white tea, patchouli, and cedarwood. It has a very unique and clean fragrance that lingers long after you finish the bottle.

If you want an all-day deodorant, then this would be a great choice. It’s light and can be worn all day, even to bedtime. Fullspeed contains no alcohol because it isn’t a perfume and isn’t intended to be a replacement for your other deodorants. It simply works well to keep your body smelling fresh throughout the day.

There are some people who have said that the product has a very strong scent, but I find it quite pleasant. I also don’t get any headaches or irritations when I use Avon Full Speed Eau De Toilette. It does contain the strong scents mentioned above, and some more exotic ingredients, which is what really sells it. There are many wonderful scents from Avon, and this one is my favourite because there is no need for breaking the bank.

Pride Intense Eau de Parfum

When it comes to finding the perfect perfume for yourself, you really should not look beyond Pride Intense Eau De Parfum, because is one of the best on the affordable perfumes list. This is a fragrance that is designed especially for men. You will be very pleased with its gorgeous scent and the fact that it provides you with an overall clean fresh scent that lasts for hours. In fact, it has been known to last up to six hours on some people. You may think this is a bit of overkill, but when you smell this in person you will definitely be impressed.

As you look over the various ingredients contained in this eau de parfum, you will discover that it contains a variety of different ingredients such as rosewood, amber, leather, vanilla, jasmine, heliotrope, musk and ginger root. Each of these scents is blended carefully in order to provide you with a fresh, and unique scent that is sure to impress your date or your friends. You will love the way the scent seems to flow from your neck, shoulders, right down into your inner core and eventually out of your pores and skin.

It can be used as a freshener before you go out, you can also use it as a body lotion, or even as an after bath spray because it has a very light scent, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised by the way this becomes a wonderful aftershave and after body product. The best way to know how to wear this incredible Eau De Parfum is to use it. You will quickly find that you are hooked on this wonderful scent and you will be using it for many years to come.

Silver Scent Eau de Toilette by Jacques Bogart

Silver Scent by Jacques Bogart is a great fragrance to wear on a warm sunny day. A light and airy fragrance, it is at home on hot days when you just want to relax and forget about everything that is going on. With a history dating back to 1740, this perfume is filled with spicy, earthy, and delicious notes that are sure to get you excited. With citrusy top notes including grapefruit, oranges, and apple, the middle notes are sweet orange peel, honeyed rose, and sweet almond with nutty accents, to round out the top.

The bottom of the bottle has a long and aromatic scent, reminiscent of hay and oak. This Eau De Toilette is light and refreshing, with a long-lasting fresh scent that lingers on your skin. It comes in a bottle that has a circumference of about two inches and a height of four inches, making it easier to store and wear than other bottled fragrances. There are very few notes included in the base perfume, so this is definitely an easy fragrance to wear and a more reason to be listed among the best affordable perfumes.

Epic Adventure Night EDT Pour Homme by Ember

Epic Adventure Night is a candle infused with masculine scents like Argan oil, Moroccan Ylang, Patchouli and rose. The candle is long-lasting and gives you a long-lasting luxurious scent that will set your mood perfectly. Its strong aroma will invigorate you when you are relaxing or having your sleep. This is also an ultimate travel fragrance that can be used anywhere you go as it smells great when you are on a plane, car or train.

It is a very unique fragrance that has been designed in such a way that, will surely leave a long-lasting impression on your friends and family. This is one of the best-selling candles due to its remarkable quality and uniqueness. It is made up of natural ingredients like Argan oil, Patchouli, rosewood, musk and others. The Eau de Parfum for men has a long-lasting exotic scent. It’s a unique blend of different aromas that will surely leave a good aftertaste to your body.

The scent of this product is very much different from other deodorants out there because it is not too strong or pungent. You will notice a smooth and mild fragrance that will surely make you feel good all day and all night. It has a very unique blend of exotic aromatic oils that will give you a long-lasting pleasant smell.

Epic Adventure Night also contains soothing and refreshing ingredients like cucumber, Rosemary, heliotrope, vanilla, sandalwood and other herbs. It also contains a unique blend of sweet woody and masculine scents like mahogany, oakmoss and ambergris, and it has Vitamin E that can help protect your skin from harmful free radicals.

Nautica Blue Eau de Toilette

If you ever wanted to wear a perfume that smells like an ocean, you are about to find it in the wonderful world of Nautica. Launched in the mid-’90s, Nautica has made a name for itself as one of the top brands for men’s fragrances, and for their wonderful unisex fragrances as well. Now, they offer a complete line of colognes, so you are guaranteed to find a scent that appeals to you, whether you’re looking for something light or heavy, or something exotic and mysterious. The Nautica line offers you something you’ll love.

Nautica Blue Cologne for Men is a long-lasting Cologne that features powerful citrusy overtones, along with hints of raspberry, vanilla and caramel. The fragrance has a clean scent that lingers on your skin and has strong undertones that will tickle the tip of your nose. The fragrance is also very long-lasting, so you don’t need to worry about it fading too quickly. This is just what you would expect from a men’s Cologne because the scent is subtle yet powerful and at the same time among the best affordable perfumes in the market.

Now know what this fragrance is all about, you might be wondering how to wear it. First, remember that it is meant to last you a long time, so you don’t want to layer your Cologne on top of your regular clothes. Instead, apply a thin, even layer over your clothing, such as your shirt or blouse. Next, you want to choose simple, clean cufflinks to wear along with your deodorant (otherwise the scent will wash away.)

Pros and Cons of Affordable Perfumes

There is no real secret as to how to find a good affordable perfume, but there are certain tips that you can follow that will help get you on the right track. The most obvious of these tips is that you need to be able to smell the actual flower in the bottle. This may sound obvious, and it should be because the only way you are going to be able to distinguish between different brands of perfumes, is if you can smell them. So, if you can’t smell them then don’t even bother trying them.

Cheap perfumes also have a lot of advantages to the brands that are not so good. This means that there is a lot for you to consider when purchasing your favourite scent. If you have not yet tried out the many great smelling fragrances available, it is time to do just that. There are plenty of advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider when choosing the best brand. Here is a quick breakdown.


  • Sometimes, you can simply get attracted to someone because of the way they smell. Perfumes are rich in pheromones and make you attractive.
  • There are many advantages of buying cheap perfumes online. You can get the same high quality fragrance at a lesser price, and also you get to enjoy all the discounts and special offers on your perfumes.
  • Some of the top branded perfume brands have their websites online, which enables you to buy directly from them and for this you will not need to visit their shops personally.
  • Many online discount perfume stores offer free shipping to their customers, this is another one of the main advantages of buying cheap perfumes online
  • Few cheap perfumes can last for a whole day.
  • Less expensive scents are sweeter because they are marketed towards a younger audience.


  • Most cheap perfumes’ fragrances that do not last very long.
  • They most times irritate the skin.
  • If you choose a cheap perfume, beware that you might not like the smell of it as much as you like the smell to be.
  • Cheap perfumes might smell like a very expensive one but it wont last up to an hour.

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