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The Mind Blowing iPhone 13 Features With High Expectations

Rumors Concerning the Release of the New iPhone 13

The rumors that the iPhone 13 release date will be before the end of this year have been rampant among industry insiders and techies. According to these reports, Apple is planning to launch the new phone in either Q4 or Q5 in 2021. This is despite the fact that there are no concrete plans for the handset yet. If the iPhone 13 is to introduce Apple’s brand new features such as Air Gesture and augmented reality, which are rumoured to be part of the features of the new handset, it is expected that it will be launched around six months after the new iPhone 12 and twelve Plus models come into the market.

Expected Features

Apple’s next-generation phones are rumoured to feature features that are bigger, flashier and more advanced than those found on the old iPhones. They are also expected to incorporate some of the features that have been part of the company’s hardware since the time when it was introduced – like the double headphone jack, the fast wireless internet access and the multitasking features integrated into the hardware itself. Although many of the features are yet to be seen in the company’s latest smartphones, a lot of them have already been featured on the iPhone 12 Plus models. These include the dock connector, the faster Wireless-N connectivity and the Secure Digital Card (SD) reader.

The Advanced iPhone 13 Camera

iphone 13 release date

Since the rumors suggest that the iPhone 13 might get bigger in the future, the size of the camera should also go down. Apple has introduced two cameras – the regular size and a smaller one. It is said that the smaller camera will feature fewer features, but it might get better results. The larger camera is said to feature better image quality, although the latter might not necessarily be true. The size of the camera might get reduced down as the companies develop their own smaller sized iPhones and as the iPhone line gets expanded.

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