srs xb33 sony bluetooth speaker

The New SRS XB33 Sony Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

The SRS XB33 Sony Waterproof Speaker

Sony listened to its user feedback and has launched the SRS XB33 Sony Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It is a revolution in the world of music. The SRS-X series of wireless portable speakers combine top-quality sound with advanced connectivity. Connectivity means you can carry out multiple tasks with the help of one single device. That’s the beauty of it. It has all the qualities that will make your entertainment experience all the more entertaining.

SRS XB33 sony EXTRA BASS Wireless Portable Speaker IP67 Waterproof BLUETOOTH

The Features of The SRS XB33 Sony Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

The SRS XB33 Sony has the most advanced technology and the speaker is also capable of giving you the best quality music and videos. This speaker has an amazingly large speaker cone which ensures there is no chance of any kind of air resistance. In fact, the speaker is so durable that it can even withstand up to a depth of 35 feet of water resistance. However, Sony has also incorporated some amazing technologies in the speaker so that you don’t have to be worried about the quality as well as durability.

The SRS-XB33 Sony Waterproof Bluetooth speaker comes with a super-sensitive tweeter and woofer for supreme performance, along with built in noise cancellation technology that lets you enjoy music without disturbing others. The speaker is portable too and you can use it in any place, anywhere, whenever you want. It has a long battery life of up to six hours, so you can easily carry it with you anywhere. You can use it on the go, on the golf course, at the beach, or even at the backyard.

The high-powered satellite radio technology integrated with this speaker also makes it a perfect entertainment system for the kids. This is one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers that you will find in the market today.

SRS XB33 Connectivity

The SRS XB33 comes with two speakers, a large front port for listening to your favorite music and a tiny rear port for connecting the headphones. It can play your favorite music through any compatible headset or even connect the Speaker to your home theater system to enjoy movies and music through the speaker connection.

There is also a remote control feature included in this speaker that makes controlling it easy. It also has a media player, a power port, a memory card and a USB micro connector for charging the speaker. It has a large LCD display, so you get to see what you are singing along with. The display is clear and bright, so you can always see what you are doing.

The SRS XB33 Speaker

The speaker comes with two unique features that you won’t find in other speakers that are waterproof. First, it comes with a specially designed microphone that is capable of picking up sound from water. Secondly, the speaker comes with a unique speaker docking station with a push of a button to keep your favorite tunes playing while you swim or ride in a car. You can use the SRS-XB33 speaker docking station to enjoy music or even talk on the phone without having to worry about losing reception.

The SRS-XB33 waterproof Bluetooth speaker will work well with most cell phones, including the HTC Wildfire, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and other latest cell phones. It is also compatible with most of your MP3 players as well as most portable media players. This speaker is also a very handy phone. It has a large touch screen, allowing you to use the phone with ease when you are out in the park or at a club with friends. If you love music, you’ll appreciate the sound quality of this speaker.

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